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    December 21, 2016



When the day comes,

When the day comes, it never looks who they are; rather it performs the duty assigned by the Lord…….It was around 4:55Pm, I was supposed to leave library for home, and suddenly, my mobile phone echoed at the table. This was my elder brother’s call who told me about the missing PIA airplane coming from Chitral to Islamabad, the phrase “missing PIA flight from Chitral” sent a sharp blow of sadness and my heart started to feel it. In a panic situation, I investigated from my brother; is there any information, who were on the plane? And also asked about my close relatives who usually to travelto down for their private tasks and chores. However, I touched the key of “End call” and loped toward TV lounge and asked office boy of the library to switch on TV. The breaking news of “missing PIA Plane near Havalian, Abbottabad” was constantly broadcasting by anchors of all News channels. Abruptly, one News Channel aired the news that Junid Jamsheed the singer turned religious scholar was also onboard in disappeared PIA flight. Then the names of passengers who were on-board started to come into TV’s news headlines, the most saddened news for me was when I learnt about two infants, and Mr. Osama Waraich the Deputy Commissioner, Chitral were among the passengers.

When it was confirmed tha tthe dead bodies will be shifted to Ayub Medical Complex, Abbottabad. I along with my cousin rushed to Ayub Medical hospital, during the time, I received calls from relatives of the victims who were asking about the causalities and were requesting to go there for the confirmation whether any person alive (has gotten just injuries) or not. This was just their hopes and prayers for their relatives, yet, almost all passengers have been lost their lives in plane crashes worldwide except the recent crushed of Brazilian aircraft where 7 passengers were the luckiest to survive. I reached the compound of AMC where I confronted with the huge crowd of people to reach the main entrance of the hospital’s Morgue room. After a tough struggle I reached the gate but the team of Doctors along the hospital security guards stopped me, as they were stopping people and there was no permission to enter inside the mortuary room. I requested to the doctors that some of my friends were onboard in the ill-fated aircraft and I want to see them among the dead bodies. The doctor told me please wait for a while I will take you inside, I was standing beside the doctors teams, abruptly, the sirens of ambulances echoed and speedily 10- 15 ambulances arrived and the crowd dispersed to make the way for ambulances. They bodies shifted to mortuary room, and when the doctor took me inside I was shocked to see that all the dead bodies were unable to identify. As I ogled the dead bodies; tears started coming down, while sobbing, I asked doctor when your team will start to collect sample for DNA test? However, doctor had understood my situation he affectionately explained that very soon they will do.

However, when I left the morgue room, I started to visualize the moment when the ill-fated airplane started to strewing in the air what would had happened inside the plane, Allah knows the situation they have gone through, and the little infants while playing in the mothers’ cradle what were their reactions. All these are tear-jerking scenarios of the incidents.
Now, the questions are; who are responsible for this incident, PIA management, or others? Whose ignorance killed the innocent and precious assets of nation? Why Govt. and our political leadership are silent on matter? Government and oppositions are fighting with each other on Panama Papers Leaks during assembly sessions but they are not ready to talk on the matter of PIA ATR PK661 incident. They (political representatives) didn’teven bother to visit the relatives waiting for dead bodies of loved ones in front of PIMS Hospital. May Allah rest all the departed souls in peace and may give patience to all their family members to bear the loss, Ameen.

Sardar Ali Khan, Abbottabad



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