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    December 17, 2016


Twelve victims of PIA plane crash buried in Chitral

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The last twelve victims of the PIA plane crash were buried here on Saturday which were brought here by C-130 plane.

Six of a family, Mirza Gul, his wife Gul Huran, sons Hasan Ali and Farhan Ali and daughters Samina Gul and Zahida Parveen of Garam Chashma included the victims who were buried in their native village of Izh Garam Chashma.

The only surviving member of the family Hasina Bibi, a 7th class student, accompanied the bodies who had gone to Islamabad to give sample for DNA.

The other bodies included that of Salman Zainul Abidin of Morder village, Muhammad Ali of Zaiet village, Ahteramul Haq of Booni,Muhammad Khan of Morder and Ayesha Usman of Shah Nigar Drosh.

The body of Shamshad Begum was laid to rest in Zhang Bazar village whose father Muhammad Wazir Khan had also died in a plane crash in Lowari Pass in March 1965.

Out of the forty seven passengers of the plane crash, twenty belonged to Chitral.

District nazim Chitral, Maghfirat Shah received the coffins of the plane victims in Chitral airport and dispatched them to their respective villages and attended the funeral prayers in Zaiet, Booni and Morder later on.

Addressing the gathering in the premises of Chitral airport, he said that the loss of the twenty souls of Chitral had injured the people alike resulting in grief and sorrow.

He expressed his deep commiseration with the bereaved families and assured them of all out support from the district government they needed in this hour of grief.

Mr. Shah said that the people of Chitral were grateful to the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for paying due attention in the identification and transportation processes of the plane victims.

The commandant of Chitral Scouts colonel Nizamud Din Shah attended the funeral prayer of the plane crash victims in Garam Chashma.

Floral wreath were placed at the graves of the plane crash victims on behalf of PIA, Chitral Scouts and district government.



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