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    December 16, 2016



Six bodies of plane crash buried in their native villages

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL; Four bodies of the plane crash victims were transported by a special sortie of C-130 and two others by road from Islamabad to Chitral here on Friday while the bodies of twelve is yet to be identified.

The bodies of Shahzada Farhad Aziz and his daughter Tayyaba Aziz of Shahi Qila and that of Akbar Ali of Booni village and Umara Khan of Lone village were carried on the C-130 plane and were buried in their native villages.

Thousands of people had thronged the Parade Ground where the funeral prayer of Shahzada Farhad and his daughter were read in which the commandant of Chitral Scouts colonel Nizamuddin Shah and district nazim Maghfirat Shah were also in attendance.

The locals said that the funeral congregation of the royal family member was first of its kind with regard to strength in the recent history of Chitral.

The bodies of two real sisters Mehreen Rani and Farrah Naz were taken by road to Drosh town and buried there.

Meanwhile, the PIA will resume its flight from Islamabad to Chitral while the Peshawar flight will be restored later on.

The district sales manager of PIA in Chitral, Zahideen Zahid told Chitral Times  that the ATR plane will be used to operate the flight and there was no program of starting C-130 planes in the route.


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