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    December 12, 2016


Our birth is but a sleep!

This world is like a garden where there are trees of different variety—good and bad. The trees act as families. Every tree has got good and ripen fruits. It is the reality of life that the good and ripen fruits are picked as early as possible.
The people we lost in the tragic incident were like the fruits which were the best of best and ripen which were picked by God Almighty to make His Jannah more beautiful.

In this tragic incident we lost some of the greatest and most loving as well as well educated sons of the soil. Personally it was the most tragic incident of my life. I lost a diamond in the form of my brother Salman Abideen (LAL) who was such a caring soul that can't be expressed in words. Last time I met him on Sunday. We greeted, he kissed me, as was his second nature. As it was a function so we talked for a brief moment. He was laconicbut his conversation used to be with passion, care and love.Simply,he had had a heart of gold.

The other gem we lost was Muhammad Khan who was also a proud son of Chitral. As I always respect, regard and admire people who love words. He was a great soul having love and passion for education. He had dedicated his life for the sake of education. I had met him only twice but those two meetings were memorable. He always had had heart-to-heart talk with all. I was impressed by his manners and his down to earth attitude towards life.

One man who was a perfect combination of piety and good manners was Prince Farhat Aziz, who belonged to the royal family. He had devoted his whole life in educating the nation.

The next man we lost, who had also close affiliation with Chitral, was DC Chitral Osama Waraich. He had devoted his life for the development and welfare of Chitral. He had accepted an extension and had accepted a tough life in the remote area of Chitral. He devoted his life for the service of Chitral till his last breath and sacrificed his life while serving Chitral.
The last but not the least was Junaid Jamshed. Though I had differences with his life style, but in the depth of my heart I had always respected his conversion from that fanfare life to evangelism. As a liberal I always respect the beliefs, be it a life of fanfare and music or that adopted by Junaid Jamshaid in his later part of his life. It was his personal decision and he knew better what was good for him. He had bargained a life which he might had thought better than his previous life style. As a singer he had enjoyed a life of luxury and fame and as a preacher he had devoted his life for spreading the word of God—a noble cause.

All those whom we lost in this tragic accident were as precious as the aforementioned people. As I hadn’t any acquaintance with all of them, so couldn't mention them all, but my deep condolences are with all the bereaved families.
Loosing dear ones was the first phase of this tragic occurrence. But toput the kiboshon such tragic accidents is the second phase of the issue. We have been experiencing these sorts of tragedies for a long time. PIA isn't taking the issue seriously. In West a minor mistake endangers the future of any airliner—as the lives are more precious than income. Unfortunately, we live in the land of pureand the unfortunate deceased ones were travelling in the ‘pure’ airliner, so, their lives were worthless for the concerned authorities. A fleet of aeroplanes like these in any airliner show the pathetic attitude towards the lives of human beings.

No doubt to err is human, but to err every now and then isn't a good practice. We make mistakes and learn from our mistakes. But when we see the history of PIA then it becomes obvious that PIAhas been making blunders for decades in the name of ‘technical fault’, ‘weather conditions’, etc. But these things have never been investigated for a single occurrence. If investigated then those findings have never been made public. Don't know for what reasons!
One may argue that their time of death was written which can't be reversed. But, after the death of dear ones if their bodies are recovered in proper geometry it is a blessing for the family. If the aeroplane would had been in good condition it might had landed in a proper place and the loss wouldn't had been thatdestructive; as a result the dead bodies would have been recognized and the families wouldn't have to suffer.

Wordsworth has rightly said, “Our birth is but a sleep.” This world and this life is just an examination hall. We have to perform our best. As we dream in our sleep and we bring the best memories of that dream into reality when we are awake. When we go to sleep we couldn'tgauge our sleep that for how long we shall sleep and wake up. We are awaken so sudden that we can't understand the exact reason why. Same is thecase with our life: we do not understand when we shall be called to our eternal world—the life hereafter. When we enter that world we shall only remember the good deed and we shall be rewarded for our good deeds. In this world too we shall be remembered for our good deeds; the way we are remembering our dear ones today.

No doubt you were the best of best fruits of the best tree in the best of gardens. As you were best you were picked in the earliest possible time. The fragrance and taste of your taste can't be forgotten.

You were the best and will be remembered forever!

Ihtisham Ur Rehman


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