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    December 11, 2016


Village Council demands stop the ruthless cutting of forest in Arandu

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The office-bearers of Village Council Forum Chitral, Sajjad Ahmed Khan, Naveed Ahmed Khan, Abdul Qadir Mehtar, Fazlur Rahman, Sultan Muhammad Sher, Mujeebur Rahman and others have demanded of the government to forthwith stop the ruthless cutting of forest in Arandu Gol which is going on incessantly for the last four months.

Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, they alleged that the cutting of deodar trees in the forest of Arandu Gol is being done at the behest of those in power who gave legal status to the illegal timber and encouraged further harvesting.

They said that when the government was reported about the cutting of thousands of illicit cut timber in the forest, those at the helms of the affairs did not invoke the law to punish the culprits but instead legalized it by the provincial cabinet as per which it was decided to purchase the timber from them.

This decision acted as a catalyst to fell more and more trees and the timber mafia accelerated the cutting of trees emboldened by the policy put in place by the government and the process goes unchecked for the last four months, they said.

They castigated the government for beating the trumpet of Billion Tsunami Tree Plantation on one hand to regenerate the environment but abetting the timber mafia to denude the forest of Chitral on the other.

The village nazims also demanded of the government to allot the illicit timber to the people of Chitral on subsidized rates who had lost their houses to the devastating floods and earthquake of last year and are now reconstructing them.



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