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    December 09, 2016



Dead bodies of two of the victims of plane crash were buried in Chitral

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The dead bodies of two of the victims of plane crash were buried in Chitral here on Friday which included that of Muhammad Takbir of Bakrabad village and Haji Nawaz of Goldur in Chitral town.

The dead bodies were taken to Chitral last night from Islamabad which had been identified in the earlier stage by their relatives with the help of some specific signs and clothing at the site of crash.

Out of the twenty persons perished in the crash from Chitral, the bodies of eighteen are yet to be identified and transported to their villages after carrying out DNA tests.

Quran khwani were reported to be held almost in all the mosques after juma prayers for the souls departed in the aftermath of plane crash while people thronged the houses of the victims for condolence.

The commandant of Chitral Scouts, colonel Nizamud Din Shah participated in both the two funeral prayers and also went to the houses of the victims to condole with the bereaved families.

Meanwhile, the civil society organizations criticized PIA for the catastrophe and hold the management responsible for sending the faulty plane to Chitral.

Addressing a press conference, the chief executive officer of Northern Citizen Community Board, Shahzada Ibrahim said that the tragedy of plane crash was the result of corruption and mismanagement in the national flag carrier and the chairman should have resigned in recognition of his failure.

He said that if the chairman is believed that there was no technical fault in the aircraft and the pilot was a consummate aviator, then he should tell us about the exact reason of the accident.

Mr. Ibrahim alleged that the whole fleet of the aircrafts being operated in the route were outdated and were not airworthy but the airline was flying them at the risk of passengers which should be stopped forthwith to save the precious lives.

He demanded that the inquiry being conducted into the plane crash incident should be made public and those responsible should be brought to book and make them examples for others venturing to make money by placing the lives of people at risk.

Later on, a public meeting was held in PIA Chowk soon after juma prayers under the aegis of Chitral Students Welfare Association to criticize the government and the PIA management for the air accident.

Addressed by Sher Jahan Khan and others, the meeting demanded of the government to increase the compensation money of the victims to 10 million rupees and expedite the process of identification of the dead bodies.



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