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     February  02,  2016


PESCO employees staged lock-out strike

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: On the call given by Pakistan WAPDA Hydro Workers Union (CBA) , the employees of Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) staged a lock-out strike due to which the local offices remained closed here on Tuesday.

Talking to the media persons in the local press club, the local leaders of union including Musa Khan and others said that the reason for the strike was to register their protest for ignoring their demand of up-gradation of pay scales and better service structure.

They said that the service structure of power supply companies including PESCO was obsolete and provided them with very less salary package and other incentives than the other public sector organizations and departments.

The WAPDA employees also complained that they delivered service to the customers round the clock throughout the year ensuring power supply and faced life risks during the course of their duties but they represented the least privileged segment of the government employees.

They said that the offices will be opened on Wednesday again as decided by the provincial chapter of the union.


Paramedical staff strike for their demands

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The patients and their attendants in DHQ hospital had to face tremendous hardships as the paramedical staff went on strike here on Tuesday to press the government for better service structure.

A great rush was seen in the private clinics and diagnostic laboratories in the private sector due to the strike of the paramedical staff due to which services to the outpatients remained suspended.

The paramedical staff staged a sit-in in front of the offices of medical superintendent throughout the day who were visited by the leaders of different civil society organizations.

Talking to the local media, the president of the association, Sardar Wali Khan said that the call will last for one day whose call had been given by the provincial leaders of the association after the expiry of the deadline given by them to the government.



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