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     January  04,  2016


Rural Area People still Looking forward

In Pakistan, Peshawar rural area former Haseeb say’s “agriculture drought environment is not proper in Pakistan, nor the proper fertilizer for the crops which make their crops inefficient to produce enough outcome, Many poor rural people have very bad condition, they have less access to basic needs of life and to their human rights health education clean water etc,
Its story of Peshawar which is Capital of Khyber pukhtoonkhwa province of Pakistan, Statistic bureau of Pakistan facts and figure says Pakistan is an agricultural country. Agriculture contributes 21% GDP in economy of Pakistan and 70% in the export. Agriculture sector gives employment to 17 million people who is 44% of the total labor in country and 67% of people living in rural area. GDP include 25% of agricultural products and agriculture have 44% of labor force from total labor force of the country. Agriculture is solely responsible for the 67% of our foreign exchange direct or indirect.

Main source of the income of rural area people is agriculture and other small-scale rural enterprises which directly or indirectly affect the agriculture. Pakistani rural area people are not satisfied with the policies of government for rural areas, Imran Ayaz, an Agriculture expert say’s “Its is debate that agriculture is the way to develop rural areas, its mean view is rural not farmers, value the farmer on the basis of contribution they are making in agricultural sector, manager of rural landscape, setting culture, and most important producing quality products.

Views about the agricultural development have been changed from last 3 decades. Until the 1970s, rural development and agricultural development was same thing. Nowadays rural development just not only mean increase the production level, or income but improving the health, living style, giving education all these are included under rural development.

An elder former Lal zada says “Agriculture play the part of back bone in Pakistan economy. Agriculture cut the poverty rate in the country, employment rate increase with the increase in the demand of non farm products, Agriculture can also help in reducing poverty but government not supporting us, Just expecting.

An ex member of KP provincial assembly says “Polices made for the rural development mainly focuses on the farmer with large land holding and the farmer with small lands are ignored”.

These small landholders are making 90% of the total farms are ignored along with the side of the landless labor community. natural resources are decaying by passing years, due to bad agricultural system and climate change the quality of the land has also being reduced. Nonprofit organization working on agriculture survey in Pakistan, says in their report Almost 40% of agricultural land is useless now. High population, bad health of the people in rural area is affecting the productive rate too. Almost 30-50% people are malnourished. water and sanitation system are not well-managed in rural areas.87% of total population gets clean water and 37% gets access to salutatory system. there is no activities for the youth in rural areas, this is the main reason mostly rural people are involved in murder, drugs addiction, robbery, etc.
Since the creation of Pakistan number of work has been done for the development of the life of people of rural area and to increase the agricultural production level. Rural Works Program , Integrated Rural Development, Local Govt. and Rural Development, Peoples Program, Tameer-e-Watan, Social Action Program, Shushan Pakistan, Tameer-e-Pakistan and Khushal Pakistan program these programs boost in almost all parts of the country. The main goals of these all program are the agricultural development, social welfare of the rural people and improve the standard of living of people living in the rural areas. Main cause of failure of this program is the unconditional of the institutions absence of efforts to help evolve rural leadership from the grass roots; lack of proper supervision, follow-up, research and evaluation of projects.
An rural expert Shareef zada says “Pakistan had a very long history of Government interference in the rural sector to improve the economic and social conditions of the rural people. However, there are no absolute policies adopted by the government to improve the conditions of the people living in rural areas. Long-term plans should be made to certain the development of the people living in rural areas and for the development of agriculture sectors.

Aftab Ahmad
Peshawar, KP, Pakistan


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