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    December 08, 2016



Sorrow and grief reigned supreme in Chitral due to the loss of twenty persons from Chitral in the plane crash

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: Sorrow and grief reigned supreme in Chitral on Thursday which manifested itself from every face due to the loss of twenty persons from Chitral in the plane crash of which also claimed the life of the deputy commissioner Osama Ahmed Warraich who happened to be one of the most popular occupants of the post in Chitral.

All the educational institutions, government and semi-government offices and shops remained closed and the people thronged to the houses of the victims of the first major air crash of Chitral.

Quran khawani were held for the departed souls in a number of mosques and deeni madressahs while namaz-e-janaza in absentia (ghaibana) was held for Osama Ahmed Warraich.

The plane crash has deprived Hasina, a student of 8th class, of her entire family members including father Mirza Gul, mother Gul Huran, elder sister Zahida Parveen, younger sister Karina and two younger brothers Hassan Ali and Farhan Ali (infant).

The family was going to Lahore to condole the death of a relative and Hasina was left behind as her school vacations were scheduled for 23rd December and she was to join the family afterwards.

Subhanud Din, a neighbour of Hasina, told Chitral Times  that she was watching TV news channel which broke the news to her and she lost her consciousness for a couple of days.

He said that she was taken to Islamabad on Thursday for taken sample from her body to carry out DNA test to establish the identity of her family members.

The story of Ayesha Usman of Drosh village is equally a touching one who kept her husband waiting for her in Islamabad who had never met each other as their nikah had been solemnized in telephone two weeks ago and she was schedule to fly to England with her spouse where he was settled.

After obtaining M.Phil in chemistry from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad last year and she was too fond to study further in England and earn a degree of doctorate in the subject but the plane crash made it a wish never to be fulfilled.

Two real sisters Farrah Naz and Rani Mehreen from Drosh village were also traveling in the flight who were married in Punjab and were being waited by their husbands in Islamabad airport for their arrival.

Shahzada Farhad Aziz was traveling along with his only daughter Tayyaba Aziz to Islamabad was in the prime of his youth and was a celebrated paraglider who introduced it in the district a decade ago.

The royal fort of Chitral has never seen such a large scale mourning in its history which depicted his popularity among the common who hold in highest of esteem due to personal acumen.

Salman Zainul Abidin had joined Hashoo Foundation in Chitral as its regional program manager just a week ago and was going to Islamabad to attend a meeting while he had lost his elder brother Imran in a bomb blast in Mengora Swat in 1987.

Takbeer Khan, the father of ten sons and a business magnate in Chitral was going to Islamabad to attend the graduation ceremony (dastaar bandi) of one of his sons who had just graduated from a deeni madressa there.

The tragic death of Osama Ahmed Warraich, was the talk of the town and the people were found to deeply shocked by the incident as he had emerged to too popular among the people since his posting in October 2015.

He had taken a number of bold steps including anti-encroachment drive throughout the district which his predecessor never dared to think of while establishment of the first public park had also popularized him among the people.



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