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    November 22, 2016



Health benefits of eating dried apricots

You are quite an unlucky person if you haven’t had your share of apricots. It is literally considered as the world’s healthiest fruit. Don’t let their tiny size fool you. With low-fat and plenty of fiber, apricots are packed with ample of other essential vitamins. Consumed in both fresh as well as dried form, apricots are available in canned and dried form all around the world throughout the year. However, consuming half a cup of apricots daily keeps you flawless inside out. We’ve got you these some reasons to consume dried apricots or Sukhi Khubani for its many benefits.

Good Vision
Dried apricots are rich in carotenoids and xanthophyll. These two nutrients are known to protect eyesight from the age-related damage. Consuming dried apricots can help reduce the risk of developing cataracts too.

Digestive Health Consuming sukhi khubani before a meal stimulates digestion. It also help treat constipation and flushes out the unwanted wastes.

Dried Apricot for a Healthy Heart
High fiber content present in apricots is useful in reducing the bad cholesterol content (LDL) in the body, thus, lowering the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases. Meanwhile, it also increases the good cholesterol (HDL). Consuming just a ˝ cup of apricots every day is beneficial the heart health.

Prevention of Anemia
Dried apricots are a very good source of iron that is useful to fight anemia. Since women usually suffer from anemia due to their monthly cycle, they should certainly opt for iron rich fruits like apricots. Incorporating dried apricots into your daily diet helps in hemoglobin production that can certainly be useful.

Cancer Cure
The rich levels of antioxidants present in apricots help lower the risk of developing cancer. Apricot kernels (seeds) have been found to kill cancerous growth. Cancer patients or ones who are still vulnerable to this problem can consume 5 kernels along with a glass of orange juice in the breakfast till the abnormal cells disappear

Weight Loss
High fiber content present in apricots improves the digestive system and excretory system of our body, thus, increases metabolic activity, therefore, helping lose weight. One can’t just ignore the low calorie count of this fruit that kills your craving for something sweet.

Yusra Riaz


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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