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    November 20, 2016



Complex we have of speaking English

In Pakistan most of us have been brought up by speaking “English”. We mostly converse in English language instead of our national language. We people lapse into English language during our daily life conversation and we have been so much indulged into it that, we can’t get out of it. “Is it a need of our society?” Or “Our Complex of speaking English?” “In 2008 Chinese Government actually had to ask it’s Chinese public to learn the basic of English to help in welcoming the World.”

In past years there was not much concept of English language but now it is becoming a trend of our society. I have experienced it, when I had a educational trip with my class mates to “Taxila Museum”. There were foreigners. Some were from UK and some were Chinese. They were speaking their national languages and we all were speaking English. Suddenly a voice came, one of them was saying “You all are Pakistanis then why you don’t converse in your own language?” That was very shameful for us.

That day i really thought “Does we feel ashamed in converse our own language?” “Did YOU ever think about it?” Thai speaks Thai, Francis speaks french then why do we speak English?? Why we have a complex of speaking English? Here,The people who are not good even, in their own national language tries to speak English and pretend theirselves in the “higher standard crowd.”

Sometimes I wonder, where this trend has been started. It is going to ruin our lives. “We” have made this “English language” as a trend of our society. “We need to eradicate the complex we have of speaking English.” I respect those Countries who value their sense of identity, culture and language. We should make ourselves like them.

Basma Suleman



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