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    November 16, 2016



Is Modern Civilization a Failure?

Civilization is the process of making human life comfortable and advance. The expansion of the primordial civilization is modern (present- day) civilization also called the age of discovery or globalization. Most commonly usages definition of the term “Civilization” is an advanced state of human society evolves from simplicity to complexity, in which high level of technological invention, industrial revolution, science and government had reached.

According to Robert M. Adams who was an archeologist and anthropologist defined civilization “civilization as a society with functionally interrelated sets of social institutions: class stratification based on the ownership and control of production, political and religious hierarchies complementing each other in the central administration of territorially organized states and lastly, a complex division of labor, with skilled workers, soldiers and officials existing alongside the great mass of peasant producers”.

Philosophers and historians have studied evolution from two aspects. According to some, evolution of the world follows a straight line; this perspective of evolution is called orthogenetic theory. In this view the stages of human society is progressing from lower stage to upper stage in a better way. As human evolve from savagery to barbarism and reached to the stage of civilization.

In this context civilization was the last stop in the long journey of human social evolution. Although some of them argue that evolution is multi linear or follows diverse courses which are not in necessarily straight. In this view civilization of today is not necessarily great than that of yesterday nor will that of tomorrow be as a matter of course higher than that of today.

To the superficial observer, modern civilization has much axiomatic precedence. The contemporaneous age is importantly the age of science and technology. Internet have revolutionized modern life, people sit in their cosy rooms and listen to the speech of international diplomats through radio or see the pictures on the screen which otherwise it is impossible to see that what is going on in the whole world.

Modern transportation is wider than our forefathers and indefinitely changed the life; people take off at one place and fly across the blue vault of the sky and cove the distance within some hours. Hospitals and schools are in a greater abundance at the present day compare to the ancient and Middle Ages. Contemporary cities are well- planned wonders of architecture and world-class facilities are accessible to every corner of the world.

Farzana Khan
Garam Chashma (Izh) Chitral



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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