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    November 08, 2016



District Council session held

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: District nazim Chitral Maghfirat Shah has said that the zilla council and the district government are the supreme institutions of the district but some quarters are trying to demean them by their refractory behaviour which adversely affects the general public.

Addressing the session of zilla council here on Monday, he said that they were tackling the matter with great fortitude and politeness but this should cross the elastic limits beyond which there is breaking point.

“The rules of business and the local government act are of inferior importance for us than the welfare of the people and we shall take decisive steps against the government officers who ventured to block our way any more”, he said.

Mr. Shah said that the preparation and approval of non-salary budget was the sole domain of the house and the district government but it was kept pending for months in the office of finance due to which the departments devolved to the district government suffered heavily while the provincial government also upheld the stand of the house.

He told the house that with the help of Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, the district government is holding a donor conference in Islamabad in the first week of December to collect funds for the recovery of the colossal damages caused to the infrastructures by the flood and earthquake of last year which is estimated at 16 billion rupees.

He said that a large number of donor agencies across the globe have consented to attend the conference and contribute for the rehabilitation of the disaster-hit district of Chitral.

Earlier, the members of the house staged their strong protest against the inordinate delay in the release of funds for the development schemes pointed out to be carried on in their respective constituencies of the house.

Chaired by its convener, Maulana Abdul Shakoor, the house members including Rahmat Ghazi Khan, Maulana Jamshed Ahmed, Shahzada Khalid Parvaiz and Ghulam Mustafa said that the decisions, proposals and the resolutions passed by the house should be given due credence and implemented by the concerned departments.

They contended that if the house is without any authority, then the business of the house was a futile practice which they should not continue any more while they also asked the convener to update the house in the next session about the resolutions passed by the house and the status of implementation on them.

The house approved in unison the salaries of the contingent paid employees of district council amounting to Rs.4.8 million and also asked the government to keep the Lowari tunnel opened for the public traffic on daily basis.



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