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    November 03, 2016



Roshgol Snow Leopard attacks flocks

By Rehmat Karim Baig

CHITRAL: In the Roshgol valley of Chitral which is a favourite abode of snow leopard a gujur herder has suffered loss of goats. According to the said herder a snow leopard attacked his flock repeatedly and killed many goats belonging to the herder and the local community. This herder goes into the valley for about four months and grazes goats and sheep there each year. In the past incidents of this nature have occurred many times but in the previous year there was no such incident but the big cat reappeared this year and found a good number of goat in the pastures where the herder had left them unattended which was an ideal chance for the leopard and the herder became aware of his loss when many had already been consumed by the leopard.

Stories of the Roshgol snow leopard have appeared in the press as well as in the Net about its near approach to the villages in the colder months of the year when heavy snowfall compels the big cat to attack domestic animals killing many at a time. The stories of the haunting of the big cat in the eastern HinduKush region are talk of the town and it also attacks cattle in summer in the same valley and many families have lost their oxen and bulls in the summer meadows of Roshgol. This big cat is legally protected and the Snow Leopard Trust as well as the Wild Life Division of Chitral look for prints of the roving cat in search food but normally it is not a ferocious cat but takes its share in the wildlife stock, mostly targeting ibex of big size; smaller ones donít satisfy its lust. It roams in the mountains of Terich from head to bottom and from bottom to head, usually in pairs. It is a magnificent cat and highly agile when chasing its prey. Chitral is lucky to have some of the rare wild life in its mountains. Roshgol snow leopard is an asset for lovers of wild life.



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