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    October 30, 2016



Developments funds going to lapse due to difference between Dist. Govt and finance department

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The difference between the district government and finance department regarding the mode of utilization of funds for the construction of infrastructures including additional class rooms, boundary walls and toilets in the public sector schools has led to its delay by four months and their lapse is feared in case of further delay.

An official of education department told Chitral Times  that the provincial government had allocated Rs.32.773 million for construction of infrastructures on need basis to thirty four schools of the district which the district nazim wanted to execute through the parent-teacher councils (PTCs).

He said that district finance department, however, did not approve the suggestion of the district government and the funds are yet to be released to the accounts of the PTCs of the concerned schools.

He said that by the month of December, two quarters of the funds must have been released by the finance department to education department after which work season closes due to the harsh winter season for three months and there leaves hard two months for the utilization of the funds.

The unutilized funds stands lapsed at the expiry of the fiscal year which is surrendered to the provincial government.

When the district officer, finance, Noorul Amin was contacted, he confirmed the prevalence of the problem and said that district government has asked to utilize the funds through the PTCs in utter violation of the guide lines of Planning and Development department.

“As per P&D guidelines, PC-I ( a document of planning commission of the government for development in social sectors) is mandatory for the utilization of the funds but in PTC guidelines are not PC-I based which creates a codal confusion”, he said.

Mr. Amin said that the P&D guidelines needed the execution of the works by the executing agencies of the provincial government which included communication and works department (C&W), tehsil municipal administration (TMA) and local government and rural development department.

He said that the district government is bent upon utilizing the funds through the PTCs which goes against the P&D guidelines for the utilization of the funds.

He added that the district education officer (male) has in the meanwhile has sent a written request to the TMA while the DEO (female) to C&W department for the execution of the projects and are waiting for the reply.

The district naib nazim and convenor of zilla council, when contacted by Chitral Times , said that the district government was insisting on the PTC guidelines due to the reason that the construction expenditures cut short by half as compared with the P&D guidelines.

He said that, however, the district government and departments of finance and education have converged on a point that PC-I of each project will be prepared to fulfill the codal formality but the work will be carried out as per estimate of the respective PTCs of the schools.

He said that file will be sent to the deputy commissioner through the office of district nazim for administrative approval based on the P&D guidelines but in actual practice, the PC-I will not be acted upon which entails amount of money twice that of the estimates of PTCs.

He said that the PTC estimate is based on the actual market rates of labour and the construction material while the PC-I rate is based on composite schedule rate of the financial department prepared for the whole province and did not commensurate the local market.


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