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    October 29, 2016


KP Finance Minister lauded the PM announcement to include Assian countries in CPEC

Chitral Times Report

PESHAWAR: KP Finance Minister Muzaffar Said advocate has welcomed thetPrime Minister Nawaz Sharif's announcement of benefitting central asian countries from China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) during 15th moot of Central Asian Republics Economic Cooperation (CAREC) has expressed the confidence that he would abide by his words and would implement it in letter and spirit. "Malakand Division has to be included in CPEC for this purpose as CAREC states can only be linked with pakistan through Chitral via Wakhan strip of Afghanistan", he added. He said PM's visit to Kohat and inaugurating gas project is no Ihsan as these are our local resources wrongly taken by the center. Hence, he said, PM must announce giving us KP arrears and the control of our natural resources including oil, gas, hydel power houses and dams during the visit.

He was talking with media personnel at Talash during mass contact visit of his constituency in Dir Lower. He lamented that even Malakand Division is in the closest vicinity of Pak China border and KP govt is spending largely on improving highway infrastructure in these areas that also included launching the fresh mega project of Swat Motorway but center simply ignored it though this strategic line connects Pakistan with entire central Asia. "Instead center endoubted the western shortest route to Gawadar passing from our southern districts" he maintained adding that similar is case with energy projects and other productive sectors like agriculture and forestry etc. On the other hand, he said, all such infrastructure and facilities are widely spread in Punjab that speaks loud of the level of discrimination that does not deem fit to federal govt. "KP people has shown deep concern on malicious motives of federal govt for excluding most of KP from CPEC against high claims and promises of benefitting the people of this province", he recalled.

Muzaffar Said Advocate said that KP govt has earlier assured people that the province would be largely benefitted of the CPEC project especially of its western route being the shortest passage to Gawadar while ignoring most KP would create agony and mistrust among the masses against the center. He asked center to revisit the plan of CPEC immediately otherwise it would yield negative consequences and would ultimately prove counterproductive. He demanded federal government to include Swat Express Way and Kohat Industrial Estate in CPEC. He said that CPEC would change the history and all the provinces should be treated on parity bases. He said that Indus High Way from Peshawar to Dera Ismail Khan and Railway Track from Peshawar to Rawalpindi as well as energy projects should be part of CPEC. He said that making of Chashma Lift Bank Chanal is need of the hour but work did not start over it. He said that work should be started over it as soon as possible.

Finance Minister said that menace of terrorism can not only be eliminated from military operations but it can be eliminated if people’s were provided employment opportunities. He said that the KP Government would start work on the production of electricity from natural gas in Karak and Kohat if the federal government agreed on it.




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