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    October 25, 2016



Radio Pakistan urged to resume transmissions in Chitral

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The transmissions of Radio Pakistan Chitral are yet to be restarted which were received last time in September 8 this year while the reason behind the continued shut down is said to be non-approval of fuel budget to run the electric generator.

An official of the radio station told Chitral Times  that the FM transmitter of the station were to be run only on the power supply of diesel generator because the low voltage of the national grid was not able to lift the load and they will resume the transmissions as and when the fuel is supplied.

The transmitter of the medium wave had been abandoned last year which was of low power whose transmissions covered only a very limited area of the city and the installation of FM transmitter had extended its reception area.

The radio station broadcasted program spanning over six hours duration daily in three languages of Khowar (Chitrali), Urdu and Pushto apart from relaying the news bulletins and discussions on the national hook up.

The closure of the city radio station by the government by cutting off its fuel supply has received flaks from the listeners who complained that they had lost an important source of entertainment.

They said that the local people were fond of the programs presented by the station and the cessation will lead them to tune the knob of their radio sets on the stations of some other countries which broadcasted programs in Urdu.

Dr. Inayatullah Faizi, former president of Anjuman-e-Taraqi Khowar, said that Chitral has a large common border with our hostile neighbour of Afghanistan and there needed a strong border publicity apparatus in the form of radio station.

He said that the people residing in the border areas have only a radio set for their entertainment and keeping abreast of the current affairs and the cessation of the local radio transmissions has created a vacuum for them.

Regarding the loss inflicted by the closure of the radio station, he said that Chitral district had a rich diversity of culture and languages where there fourteen languages were spoken and the transmissions of the local radio was indispensable for their promotion as well their preservations.

“There are a number of cultural traits in different valleys which are set to die including that of Kalash, Wakhi, Gobori, Ursooni, Goleni and many others and the radio was the most useful and effective medium to preserve them”, he said.

He said that it was for the second time during the last two years that it is being kept shut down while the last time it was restarted again on the intervention of the general officer commanding of Pak Army Division Swat in July 2015 when the district was devastated by flash floods.

He further alleged that funds for production of programs had also been drastically reduced during the last one year with the result that no new items were recorded.


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