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     January  27,  2016



Poachers hunts down a Kashmir Markhor of Trophy size

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The poachers hunted down a kashmir markhor of trophy size in Toshi-Shasha conservancy on Chitral-Garam Chashma road and deprived the local community of more than ten millions rupees.

The president of village conservation committee (VCC) of Seen village, Israr Nabi blamed the staff of wild life department posted in the conservancy and said that they wasted a lot of time to chase and nab the poachers and gave them an ample time to make good their escape with the carcass.

While talking to Chitral Times  here on Wednesday, he said that the senior watcher of the department Afzal Khan and three of the community watchers of Al-Burhan VCC saw the poachers while hunting the markhor standing on the road but did not bother to rush to the pasture.

He said that the markhor was one said to be one of the animals marked for trophy hunting this year whose permit has been auctioned by the department at a cost of more than ten million rupees.

The divisional forest officer of wild life division Chitral, confirmed the news and said that his official recovered some parts of the carcasss from the house of one Haji Muhammad and got a FIR registered against him and his sons Mubarak, Manzur and Israr with Chitral police.

The spokesman of Chitral police, Buzurgud Din said that all the accused have got themselves bailed before arrest due to which no arrest has been made.

It is pertinent to note that a couple of years ago, the chief justice of Peshawar High Court had taken a suo moto notice of poaching of markhor in Chitral Gol national park due to the negligence of wild life department.



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