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    October 23, 2016



Round table conference under the aegis of PPAF held

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: In the round table conference held under the aegis of Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) on development process in the district here on Friday, the participants were of the strong view that the enormity of the area of Chitral and its backwardness should be made the criterion of budget allocation by the government instead of population.

The theme of the conference being ‘challenges of Chitral, gaps in development process, opportunities and responsiveness and new opportunities’, was attended by elected representatives, civil society organizations and government officials with chief executive officers of PPAF Qazi Azmat Isa in the chair.

The CEO of SRSP, Shahzada Masoodul Mulk, general manager of AKRSP, Muzaffarud Din, MPA Bibi Fozia, district naib nazim Maulana Abdul Shakoor, regional program manger of AKRSP Sardar Ayub and the representatives of civil society organizations participated.

The participants said that after the completion of Lowari tunnel project by next year and the inclusion of Chitral as the alternate route of CPEC, its prospects for progress rise exponentially but at the same time pose a number of challenges to it in many fronts including business, culture and tradition.

They said that vulnerability of the area to natural hazards, lack of access to the national market to for marketing its produce of fruits and vegetables, migration of the people from the villages to the urban centres in fast speed were some of the hindrances for the development in Chitral.

They said that the natural disasters of last year in the form of flash flood had done colossal loss to the physical infrastructures in the district whose magnitude has been estimated at 15 billion rupees and its restoration was yet to be made.

The speakers were of the view that the social organization process which had been started two decades ago had proved to be a source of training to the local people as well as creating awareness among them about community participation.

They said that now the community wields the required capability and expertise to accomplish any kind of service in different sectors of development and once the community is made involved in the development projects, they also developed ownership about it and its sustainability is ensured.

They urged the need of exploiting the potentials of tourism, mines and minerals, hydro- power generation capacity by using the water galore across the valley and harness the youth folk who formed 70 percent of the local population.

Speaking on this occasion, Qazi Azmat Isa said that PPAF had been funding for different development projects for the last fifteen years and will continue it on need basis and it was heartening for him to note that the local people were awakened to the new challenges and they had the capabilities to cope with any kind of situation.

He urged the need of close coordination between different civil society organizations and the elected local bodies for piling up their resources and utilize them in coherent way for the benefit of the area.

Earlier, the representatives of two local support organizations made a presentation on the utilization of the funds provided by PPAF for the poverty reduction projects in Kalash valleys, Drosh town , Ayun and Koh.


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