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    October 22, 2016


Chief Consultant of Golen Gol Hydro Power Project resigned

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The chief consultant of Golen Gol Hydro power project has tendered his resignation to the quarter concerned saying that his advices were continually ignored by WAPDA, the executing agency of the project.

A knowledgeable source told Chitral Times  requesting anonymity that the consultant, a German national, was known for his efficiency who possessed varied experience in the hydro-power generation job who had accelerated the pace of work after his posting two years ago.

The source said that he had developed differences with the WAPDA engineers in the site when his advices were disregarded to which they were legally bound to obey and continued faulty construction of the civil work jeopardizing the future of the biggest ever power house of the district.

The source said that the diversion point in the intake of the power channel had been damaged by the flash flood of last year and his technical advice was outrightly ignored in the restoration process some months ago with the result that the structure has again started crumbling.

He said that the consultant proposed the passage of the national grid through the Lowari tunnel instead of Lowari Pas to cut its length short by 25 kilometers but the WAPDA engineers turned down it allegedly for the undue benefit of the contractor of the transmission line.

“In this point, the consultant had developed serious differences with the executing agency of the tunnel and he decided to quit the job”, the source said.

Quoting the outgoing consultant, the source said that the prime minister had been misinformed by WAPDA about the completion of Golen Gol project as June next year which was not possible while the factual position was that the first of its three units was likely to be ready for reliability test by December 2017.

The MNA from Chitral, Shahzada Iftikharud Din, when contacted by Chitral Times  to know his version, however, negated that the consultant had not resigned his job but he had been fired on the direction of Ministry of Water and Power as he was creating unnecessary hurdles for the progress.

He also negated the claim of the German consultant regarding slow pace of work on the site and said that the prime minister was given fortnight report on the progress of the project and there is no reason of inordinate delay in its completion.

On the other hand, the district nazim Maghfirat Shah said that whether it is resignation or termination of the consultant, the timing was not appropriate as it will adversely affect the pace as well as the quality of work.

He said that the suggestion of the consultant regarding the passage of the national grid through the tunnel should be considered earnestly and if it technically feasible, then the advice should be acted upon as the high altitude Lowari Pass receives more than eight feet snow every year.



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