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     January  27,  2016




Chitral Times Report

CHITRAL: Pakistan People’s Party Chitral leader and former bureaucrat, Sultan Wazir Khan, has demanded of the government to construct a link road at TOW mountain site lying between Sonoghor and Sarghuz villages of Tehsil Mastuj.

In a press statement issued here, the bureaucrat-turned political leader of the PPP said that the Booni-Mastuj road via Parwakis vulnerable to blockade due to landslides and floods at many places including AwiLasht,NisurGoll and Kroy Deri atParwak. He said thatthere is a potential threat to MastujBridge in the form of heavy floods inYarkhoonRiver. In case of such calamity, the whole strategic area up to Boroghul Pass in the North and Gilgit-Baltistan in the North-East willbe blocked from the rest of the country.

He pointed out that there existed a road link between Sonoghor and Sarghuz villages in the past but due to negligence of the concerned governmentalauthorities, neither the said road was repaired nor a road was constructed to link Sonoghur with Sarghuz via TOW Mountain. The story is all about construction of a road having a length of onekilometer.

He deplored that the government functionaries either lacked the capacity to understand theimportance of this link road or are guilty of criminal negligence. Had the road been constructed earlier, it would have helped to reach out to the people of Laspur and Yarkhoon valleys,who were hit by floods of the yester year. Needless to mention, it would have reduced the fuel charges of helicopters as well. If constructed, this road link will not only provide an alternate but a saferroute to Mastuj. It is a strategic life-line for military purposes as well.

Sultan Wazir Khan says that this link road will provide a better social and economic opportunity to the people living in the villages of Sarghuz,Nisur,Sonoghor, Miragram, Awi and Booni.

He demanded the Chief Minister KPK,kindly to order construction of this small but all important link road before coming of thefresh floods. He cautioned the governmentthat if thisimportant link-road is ignored again, the people living in the area will be constrained to exercise their constitutional right of the freedom of expression, in their villages by 15th May’2016.


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