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    October 17, 2016



Chitral Times Report

CHITRAL: October 15 is annually observed as World Hand washing Day in order to make people around the globe aware of the importance of washing hands frequently at certain times to prevent occurrence of diseases caused by germs. The theme of this year’s celebration is to make people habitual of washing hands. In this direction, the Health and Hygiene Club led by Ms. Rukhsana Parveen, the PT teacher and with the students of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Kuragh had prepared a presentation on the significance, effects, and the proper ways of how to wash hands.

Early in the assembly the students of Grade 11, Ms. Meher Angaiz Faizi, Ms. Naheed Sabah and Ms. Zakia Banu, shared the valuable information pertaining to the day through poster presentation. The different contagious diseases that spring up as a result of unwashed hands, the health measures to prevent the spread of such ailments and the thematic importance of the day were shared with the other students and staffs. Their affords were highly appreciable in terms of common plagues that assault human beings due to negligence and being unmindful towards such an inconspicuous but acute concerns of though seemingly trivial, yet paramount importance.

Later on in the afternoon students along with the faculty members demonstrated etiquettes of washing hands and were resolved to make it part of their daily routine and inculcate in others in their circle such good habits.

Finally the interim Principal, Mr. Shuja Uddin speaking on this occasion, opined that adopting such habits as hand washing may help in getting rid of common diseases like fever, cold etc. and will make a huge difference in our lives, therefore we should not confined it to the very day rather, practice it on daily basis. He appreciated the students and encouraged them never to let their efforts come to a halt instead, keep working even harder.


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