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    October 09, 2016



Rich biodiversity of Chitral has the potential of promoting eco-tourism........ Maghfirat Shah

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: District nazim Chitral Maghfirat shah has said that the rich biodiversity of Chitral has the potential of promoting eco-tourism as the sighting of Kashmir markhor, snow leopard, Himalayan ibex in its natural habitat is the dream which a tourist can long for.

Addressing at the certificate distribution ceremony of wildlife department on the completion of its capacity building training for its field staff including watchers and rangers, he said that God had bestowed the district with rich biodiversity which can be used for doing away with poverty and unemployment.

Mr. Shah said that there are many countries whose economy derived its strength from tourism and natural resource management and Chitral district can also produce local resources to meet its development needs if the resources are harnessed to its full.

He said that the district government was fully awakened to the situation and it had developed a vision to make its people prosperous and the area developed by efficient management of natural resources.

The district nazim appreciated the role of wildlife department in containing the population of kashmir markhor, snow leopard and many decaying species of mammals and birds from going extinct from Chitral.

He asked the field staff of wildlife department to discharge their duties with full devotion as they were the custodians of the most precious asset and heritage of the nation in the form of wild animals.

He assured them that realizing their difficulties and hardships, he will try to provide them with all necessities for the performance of their duties which included the protection of wild animals from the poachers at the risk of their lives.

Earlier, the divisional forest officer of wildlife Division Chitral, Imtiaz Hussain said that during the capacity building workshop, the field staff were made acquainted with the details of the recently enacted wildlife and biodiversity Act 2015.

He said that the staff were also trained on different stages of prosecution as per the new laws so that the poachers of wild animals and those involved in inflicting loss on the biodiversity.

He said that the new set of laws had increased the field of duties and responsibilities of the wildlife department as previously it was only wildlife act but now it couples the biodiversity as well.



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