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    October 08, 2016



The inundation of Chinese goods led to the steep fall of the prices of animal hides in Chitral

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The inundation of Chinese leather-made goods in the local market has led to the steep fall of the prices of animal hides in Chitral market over the last couple of years.

Haji Qayum, a trader of the community with many outlets throughout the district for purchasing purposes, told Chitral Times  that the existing prices were further inclined to decrease in the national market by 15 to 25 percent during the coming six months.

He said that the price of the hide of buffalo plunged to Rs. 1200 from Rs.4000, that of cow to Rs.40 per kg from Rs.130 during the last two years while the hide of sheep cut down from Rs.100 to Rs.30 and that of goat from Rs.300 to Rs. 80.

Attributing the sharp fall in the prices of the commodity, he said that the extensive use of Chinese commodity in the leather industry, the prices of the local hides have dropped exponentially which formed the raw material.

Mr. Qayum said that last year, his loss in the business exceeded 2 million rupees as he had purchased the animal hides in bulk quantity on the occasion of Eidul Azha as he purchased in the older prices.

He said that keeping in view the ever falling prices of the commodity in the market, many have switched over to other fields of business this year but he was determined to carry it on and to gain suitability of his business, he had to drop the purchasing price.

Another trader Ajmal Shah was of the view that as there was no leader industry in Chitral, so the price of the raw material in the form of animal hide will go on falling with no hopes of restoration of the old prices.

He said that by making arrangement of tanning of animal hides in Chitral, these can be developed into leather which will pave way for development of leather industry in the area.

He added that the hundreds of the persons associated with the business of animal hides have been rendered jobless due to its eroding prices.

Mr. Shah said that presently the animal hide is of no use in Chitral as it is not utilized in any cottage industry or domestic use and it is left to decompose in the open fields in the villages when it is left being sold to the traders.

Associated with the business for the last five decades, Mr. Shah said that until early 1970s, the business of the hides of snow leopards, markhors and other wild animals was in vogue in Chitral when there was no legal ban on it.



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