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    October 08, 2016



The Ignored centre of Mountain Strategies

I am a citizen of Pakistan . I am from a very backward area located at the north west of Pakistan and at the right angle to Peshawar KPK. It is the biggest district in KPK.

Centuries back the Great Alexander charged his army in this area. Many of the soldiers went back but some of them lived at a very adorable place called Ayun and in related valleys. By now the non Muslims of this who followed Alexander the Great are known as Kalash and are very popular worldwide for their unique culture. From this one can imagine the actual importance of this area been imagined by Alexander the Great.

At the time when Pakistan came into being the Mehter ( the local rural) of this area was the first person to announced his state being part of newly formed Pakistan. However the Mehtar of Chitral also donated 40,000 rupees to Qauid e Azam foundation to help the unlimited needy people at that time.

Being part of our dear homeland Pakistan , Chitral is the centre of Hindu Kush range. From east to west covered by mountains of this range. The highest peak of Hindu kush range the Tirich Mir is situated here. From Durah pass Tajikistan is only 25Km away.

From Broghil to Lavari it is the place of snow peaked mountains , sky blue lakes , streams , rivers , and beautiful valleys. One can say that it is the most peaceful and perfect place for national and foreign tourists. It is also the centre of different cultures and various local languages with many tourism attractions. One of them is Shandur Polo festival at the highest polo ground of the world. This festival is not only popular in Pakistan but also in Westren countries, USA, UK and in Australasia. Shandur polo festival is not new, its about thousand of years old festival at this place. Two new festivals introduced by previous and present government are Kaak Lasht festival and Jashn e Gobor festival. Both are getting popularity day by day locally and nationally. Another such festival is Chelim Jusht celebrated by Kalashs of Chitral since centuries. It is also very popular in many foreign countries for the special dance of the Kalash women.

But unfortunately Chitral is always neglected by previous governments of Pakistan both provincially and nationally. A very little effort can change the future of this area. My question is that , if Karakorum highway is build to connect Pakistan and China then why not the Hindu kush highway to connect Pakistan and Tajikistan? As China and Pakistan are doing trade by using Karakorum highway then why not with Central asian Countries by building Hindu Kush highway via Chitral. If both countries agree to built a highway then more precisely Pakistan will get more points in the field of trade , communication and strategic relations. It will be very prosperous for the poor people of this backward area. There will be many reasons behind this project:

1. More trade with Muslim central asian countries.
2. Upgradation of local market.
3. Increased value of whole country in the world as a hub of trade in Asia.

In my point of view this mega project will not take a long time as a mega project of Lavari tunnel is about to complete to reduce the distance between Dir and Chitral. If the present government pay a little bit attention toward this project not only their good governance will be proved but this area can become the hub of trade worldwide.

Afeefa Assadullah



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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