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     January  25,  2016



Residents of Morder demands to rehabilitate in Kaqlasht 

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL : The residents of Morder village of upper Chitral have demanded of the government to remove their reservations before launching the housing scheme in Kagh Lusht otherwise, they will resist the project.

Addressing a press conference here on Monday, the elites of the village, Mir Ayub Khan, Zafar Ali Khan, Mir Gulab, Abdul Ghafar and others said that the plateau of Kagh Lusht was the grazing land of many villages including Morder and while making intervention in it, their rights and interests should be taken care of.

They said that out of the seven villages adjacent to the plateau, the village of Morder was already hit by a number of natural disasters including landslide, erosion, water logging to which they lost more than half of their cultivable land during the past four decades while the flash flood of the last year rendered the situation more worse than ever.

They lamented that the residents of Morder had approached the government in 1995 for allotment of land on lease in Kagh Lusht plateau and their application was pending with the board of revenue which the present government should consider on compassionate grounds keeping in view their plight.

“We are totally homeless as we have lost our land to the flash flood and other natural disasters on one side, our source of irrigation water has also been destroyed by the colossal scale of avalanche that hit the pasture where the stream had its origin”, they said.

They said that in the existing situation, they had no option but to rehabilitate themselves in Kagh Lusht but the announcement of the provincial government to launch housing scheme there has filled the residents of Morder with anxiety and fear.


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