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    September 22, 2016



Seminar on improvement of Quality Education held

Chitral Times Report

CHITRAL: Seminar on Improvement of Quality Education held in Chitral. Chitral Thinkers Forum organized the seminar through support of AKRS Chitral. Overall aim of this activity was bringing quality improvement of Education in Chitral in perspective of youth. Dr. Mir Baiz Khan known intellectual and educationist was guest speaker of the event. Professor Zuhurl Haq Danish facilitated the event and managed the stage as moderator. Starting the program Profesor Shamu Nazar Fatimi convener of Thinkers Forum Chitral explained the factors which resulted formation of this forum. He also said that primary objective of forming this forum is promoting positive thinking in the society and especially among youth community. Dr. Mir Baiz Khan presented his key note address and expressed the requirements which are needed for quality improvement of education in Chitral. He said that access to computer and information technology is pre-requisite for students to enhance their knowledge in present day. He said that resources should be diverted towards education and without allocating resources towards education sector quality improvement is not possible. He also stressed upon the members of the forum to play their role through advocacy for prioritizng education as important goal of the government. He also said that the knowledge imparted through education should be reflected in the form of positive behavior and positive action on the part of students in the society. Justice, fair play, equality, honesty and positive thinking should be outcome of education in the society. Without character building aim of education become meaningless and core responsibility of teacher should be developing ethical values of students. He said that formation of Thinkers Forum Chitral is positive development and it should provide its expertise for promoting of peaceful society in Chitral.

Dr. Noorul Islam member Thinker forum Chitral also expressed his opinion in the forum and said that without bringing quality improvement in education we could not resolve the problem of unemployment and other social evils in the society.

Professor Mumtaz Hussain thanked all the participants and guest speakers for their interest in the program and regarded it very useful for realizing the goal of quality improvement in education. He said that Thinkers forum Chitral belongs to the people of Chitral and everyone having guts for contributing in promotion of positive thinking can become member of the forum. He said that Thinkers forum Chitral is a group of likeminded people working for promotion of peace and tranquility in society and its membership is open to all who are interested in the mission of the organization. He also thanked AKRSP Chitral for supporting the event on behalf of Thinkers Forum Chitral. He also thanked the guest speaker for giving his precious time to this event and enlightening youth of Chitral regarding improvement of quality education. With these remarks Professor Mumtaz Hussain formally concluded the program and participants were provided with refreshments.



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