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    September 06, 2016



Prime Ministerís proposed visit to Chitral on September 07, 2016

The news of PMís proposed visit to Chitral is worth praising if it happens as planned. The PM must be praised for agreeing to visit the place from where his party doesnít hold no representation at the National Assembly nor in the Provincial Assembly. This is an act of a leader raising above prejudice. The credit goes to the NA member from Chitral Prince Iftikharuddin and the MML (N) local leadership. In the complex political setting of Pakistan where the norm is to ignore the places which do not share the same ideology as the rulers; Mr. Nawaz Sharif will put an end to that culture and would set a trend for equal treatment to all for his successors.

The local leadership may have planned activities for the PM to keep him busy for a day in Chitral; however, it just occurred to me whether or not the people of upper Chitral would be expecting him to declare it a district? Rumors are that the elders of upper Chitral are putting forward their demand of a separate district to the PM; authenticity of the information could not be ascertained. However, if they have decided to go ahead with the demand; there could not be a better timing for this for a variety of reasons:

a) PML N has never had a political base in Chitral, declaring Tehsil Mastuj a district may build a vote bank for his party,
b) Chitral falls in KPK which is ruled by PTI-the arch rivals of PML N; declaring Mastuj a district in PTIís powerbase would be a wise political move with expected future political gains,
c) PML Nawaz has always claimed that they do not believe in unjust rule; a decision such as the one under discussion would prove their claim correct and would raise the image of the PM himself and his party alike

A strong argument however, can given in favour and against such a decision. Apparently it all looks good but the major question here is; does Tehsil Mastuj has the capacity to become a district having its Headquarters in Booni-a town not yet even qualified to be called a small city. But then even Chitral city is not a city in its true meaning, if that can become a district as back as in 1969 (limited to my knowledge of the history) why canít Booni be the HQ for district Mastuj?

Whatever the agenda of the PM of Pakistan may be for this visit; it would be productive if he is able to satisfy the locals by meeting their expectations, otherwise it would be another effort for political correctness.

Saifuddin Saif


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