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     January  24,  2016



134072 persons treated in DHQ Hospital during 2015

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: As many as 134072 persons were treated in the out patient department (OPD) and 13193 were admitted in district headquarters hospital Chitral during the year 2015 with an average of 410 patients per day.

As per data gathered by Chitral Times  from the offices of the hospitalís medical superintendent here on Saturday, the number of neonatal death was registered to be only 4 throughout the
year while the number of stillbirth was 20 out of 4912 deliveries in the hospital.

The surgery of 2157 patients was carried out while the number of gynae and children were 3649 and 2801 respectively admitted in the hospital of which Sixty six indoor patients
died during the year.

The number of dysentery and diarrhea patients admitted to the hospital remained 966 and that of typhoid was 370, pneumonia 350 whereas 57 surgeries of acute appendicitis were
carried out during the period.

In the hospital laboratories, more than 78 thousand diagnostic tests were carried out during the year and the number of x-ray test was 15500, that of ultrasound test was about
6000 and that of electrocardiography (ECG) was registered to be about 7000.

As per the data, 26 thousands were screened for viral hepatitis and HIV out of which 139 were found to be positive for hepatitis during the year while 5763 children were
immunized against various diseases.

The number of acute respiratory infections registered an upward trend as per data which was 8901 against that of less 5 thousand last year.

The hospital is short of district specialists of cardiology, pathology, neurology, radiography and orthopaedics while a number of basic diagnostic facilities including that of
CT scan and MRI are missing in the hospital for which the patients are referred to the tertiary hospitals in Peshawar, a doctor of the hospital said.



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