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    September 03, 2016



Government discourages local entrepreneurs................M. Khan

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The president of Chitral Chamber of Commerce, Haji Muhammad Khan has decried that both the federal and provincial governments are discouraging the local businessmen in licensing and leasing process in one pretext or the other.

Addressing a press conference here on the other dya flanked by other office-bearers Muhammad Naeem, Manzoor Ahmed, Sardar Ahmed and member of zilla council Rahmat Ilahi, he said that the local entrepreneurs are harshly discouraged by the government which is leading to create hatred in them.

He cited the names of mineral development department of the province and Pakistan State Oil (PSO) of the federal government whose officers were allegedly involved in discrimination against the local businessmen in awarding lease and licenses.

Citing one of the examples of discrimination, he said that one Muhammad Rafi, a resident of Chitral, had applied for the license of liquefied petroleum gas agency for upper Chitral in the year 2008 but was wandering from pillar to post and post to pillar.

Describing the ordeal of the businessman, he said that the officials of PSO cancelled the approval letter of the applicant after inviting him to Islamabad to sign the contract while he had already deposited the security as directed by them.

Mr. Khan alleged that the authorities in the mineral department and PSO are trying to maintain the hegemony of an outsider group in Chitral in the fields of mining and dealership of oil and gas.

He alleged that the previous government had provided 3000 numbers of domestic cylinders of LPG to the non-local PSO depot holder in Chitral for free distribution among the people for reducing their dependency on oak wood but all these were provided against the security of Rs.3000 each.



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