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    September 02, 2016



Increasing Rate of Suicide
‘’No one really cares until something dramatic happens’’

The suicide rate is increasing in Chitral from the last few years. Recently, we heard the heart breaking news roaming around on social media about the two innocent youngsters who commit suicide and left their beloved ones in a great sorrow. Unfortunately, we do not reflect on the reasons to avoid any future incidents among our youth.

There are numerous factors leading to attempt suicide, particularly in our young generation. Some of the most effective and prominent causes are the mental disorder, depression, psychological state, culture, family and social situations. Having previously attempted suicide people also have a high risk of repeating the same act. Social media also play a vital role by giving detail description of the suicide attempts and telling the means used by a person. The alarming news about these incidents is that mostly these are students or females who are under pressure of social behavior or under depression. Chitral being a remote region, we do not have access to psychiatric and proper health facilities leading a huge number of patients under ignorance.

These issues need to be addressed to escape any further consequences. On the individual level, it is our responsibility to create awareness about depression and mental illness. They attitude of our society towards different situation leading to response negatively. If you feel someone in your family, friends, relatives are feeling helpless, hopeless and lose courage in life, never leave them alone. Loneliness causes more depression is such cases. Especially, parents need to be more careful towards the children while giving them guidance by maintaining their self-esteem and providing them the confidence to fight with difficulties in life.

In our institutions, it is compulsory to provide student counseling regarding their health, career, and daily life and create awareness among our youth regarding different health issues. Mostly, students find it hard in this competitive world to maintain their academic records and they ignore their special abilities in other activities. They feel peer pressure, family press, and society behavior, thus leading to depression. In such cases, you only need little attention and encouragement from family, teachers, and friends to overcome these unnecessary pressures. Your small words of encouragement and a little care can save a life. You need to care before some dramatic happens.

Zuhra Jalal



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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