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    September 01, 2016



Italian government approved a number of soft loans for Pakistan

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The Director of Italian Development Cooperation in Pakistan, Domenico Bruzzone, has said that the government of Italy has taken up the agenda of speeding up and expand the network of cooperation with Pakistan because  a young economy which could be nurtured into a full thereby alleviate poverty.

Addressing the local media persons in Chitral Press Club here on Wednesday, he said that the Italian government had approved a number of soft loans for technical education, renewable energy, agriculture, economic transformation, water reservoirs, rural development, eco-tourism and culture in the northern areas which included Chitral.

Flanked by consultant at Italian Embassy, Paola Manfredi and Italian archeologist Maria Victoria, he said that the soft loan of 238 million Euros had been approved to Pakistan for development of technical education and renewable energy.

“Another soft loan of 20 million Euros was approved for growing olive culture in the North whose soil was best suited for the plant having great potential of expansion”, he said adding that yet another 20 million Euro meant for development of Eco-tourism and related activities was approved for Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral.

“For the amelioration of people living in border areas and the vulnerable communities, a sum of 40 million Euro grant has been sanctioned for rural development, preservation of cultural heritage and grass-root interventions for poverty alleviation”, he said.

He mentioned Kalash, the ancient people living in the South of Chitral and the picturesque valley as the one to attract tourists from all over the world if it was developed.

Mr. Bruzzone said that Pakistanis living in Italy formed the second largest community in the country sharing its development activities.

Responding to a question, he had a drawn picture of the socio-economic situation in the Kalash valleys in particular and had meetings and deliberations with the civil society organizations, the Aga Khan Rural Support Program apart from the head of district administration headed by Deputy Commissioner Osama Ahmed Warraich.

He praised Mr. Warraich for his efficiency and said that he had a clear and discreet vision about the issues of Chitral and their possible solutions.

The general manager of Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, Tahir Malik was also in attendance.



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