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    August 24, 2016



Members of National Assembly Chitral Visit.

Dear Editor,


According to MNA Chitral, Shahzada Iftikharuddin, Members of Standing Committee on Communication are due to visit Chitral on 22.08.2016. it is definitely good news for us because so many honorable Members of National Assembly are coming to chitral together to hold meeting in the District capital. We hope e that our political representatives will apprise & convince the guest MNA’s about prevalent humanitarian issues through out Chitral and secure their maximum support in resolving the Post Flood & Earthquake of 2015 issues, apart from planned mega projects.

Since the said delegation also comprised with the honorable members of standing committee on Water & Power, therefore, I would like to remind honorable Shahzada Iftikhar Uddin sahib to include the issue of rehabilitation ( Reshun Power station ) in the agenda as thousand of households are living without electricity in upper chitral since one year. Second important issue is to give sub-division Mastuj as district status. I understand it could be turn down for being a provincial subjects but if there is will there is way.

Hope to see the better outcome of the forthcoming first ever of its kind VIP visit to chitral.

Abdul Murad
Of Reshun
Saudi Arabia.

Suicide of Tahira Bibi

Dear Editor,


First of all, I pray to Allhah (SWT ) for forgiveness for the departed soul of Tahira Bibi. Unfortunately, She committed great sin by ending her life which glorious Islam does not permits under any circumstances.

The peoples of Laspur valley have held demonstration & sit ins in Herchin Bazar demanding government action the main culprit (Chowkidar ) as well the Head Master & and another Teacher of Herchin School for being responsible for the suicidal death of Tahira Bibi. (Chitral Times date 20.08.2016). It is OK, the main culprit (Chowkidar) must be punished for his shameful act. But, involving the Head Master and Teacher in the heinous crime is not understandable. Because, as per the news item the Head Master & the Teacher have had already advised Tahira Bibi to lodge complaint against the Chowkidar which Tahira had already done before committing suicide, and case was already in court when Tahira took her life.

Head Master & the other Teacher have had done their job by advising Tahira Bibi to file case against her harassment by Chowkidar – Nothing more can be expected from them because they can not act like SHO or Judge to interrogate or punish a chowkidar. Therefore, the Head Master and the Teacher must not be harassed and pressurized to the extent that another ugly incident may took place. In our Society Peoples have grudges against each other , on such occasions they settled personal vendettas so, the peoples of Herchin must be patient and let the law to take its due course.

The solution to stop suicidal cases should start with promotion of a culture where each and every person should be aware of basic Islamic teachings. Committing suicide is strictly prohibited by (Allah SWT) irrespective of the circumstances. I request the Imams of Masajid all over chitral to educate the peoples about the gravity of suicidal act according to the Islamic teachings during their Fridays prayers from time to time in future.


Abdul Murad




mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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