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    August 18, 2016



Arandu border into Chitral made the District vulnerable to the polio virus

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL; The polio free status of Chitral for the last three decades in Chitral can be largely attributed to the general awareness among the people where no refusal case for polio vaccine on the part of the parents to their children has ever been reported.

The district coordinator of expanded program of immunization (EPI), Dr. Irshad Ahmed told Chitral Times here on Wednesday that the cooperation of the civil society has been ideally receptive during the anti-polio vaccination campaigns with each segment of the society playing its role to make it a success.

“The zeal of the people is to such a optimum level that they monitored the campaign so that no child of the age below 5 years of age remains without polio drops at the end of the drive”, he said adding that keeping in view the enthusiasm of the people including the women fold did give the opponents to openly oppose it, if there were any.

Mr. Ahmed said that with the provision of android telephone sets were recently provided to the vaccinators in the district which will make the central monitoring of anti-polio campaigns more easier than before.

He said that the health department has been in close touch with the strata of the society making the general opinion which has provided fruitful results in the form of keeping the valley of enormous area free from the crippling disease while its contiguity with Kunar province of Afghanistan which has been frequented with polio cases.

Niamat Shah, a retired vaccinator of the health department, said that he did not come across a single case when the parents refused to administer oral polio vaccines to the children while the people in the far-flung valleys of Yarkhoon, Baroghil and Laspur used to eagerly wait for his arrival.

He observed that the women folk were found more awakened to the situation than their male partners as they were inquisitive about the health of their children and dreaded the lethal disease.

Niaz Ahmed Niazi advocate, a human rights activist, said that the earnestness of the civil society for the eradication of polio can be gauged from the fact that a number of parents filed a writ petition with the local court of law against the health department when their children were left from the oral polio vaccines during a campaign.

He said that the people of Chitral were noted for being highly curious about healthcare and education as they consider no price too high for treatment and education of their children.

“I knew many people who even sold their landed properties and sent their children for treatment in Aga Khan Hospital in Karachi or sent them for higher education in Peshawar University”, he said.

The credit of keeping the district free from polio should go to the awakened civil society of Chitral instead of health department which is playing its role positively.

Mr. Niazi said that there was no laxity of a least degree on the part of health department regarding polio vaccination as the free movement of people from Kunar province of Afghanistan through the Arandu border into Chitral has made it vulnerable to the polio virus.

He said that special attention must be paid to the southern part of Chitral including Arandu, Ursoon, Beori, Damil, Jinjiret Koh, Kalash valleys and Gobor which were on the border of Afghanistan.




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