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    August 13, 2016


Condemnation Indian atrocities and ‘Human Rights violation' in Kashmir

On behalf of our civil societies and our Management group here and outside of Pakistan, we express our deep concern and strongly condemn the Indian Government over the shameful and deliberately violation of human rights in occupied Kashmir ranging from using pellet gun injuries, brutal massive killing of innocent people, torturing young generation, abusing and raping women folk to suppress the freedom movement and rights of self-determination of Kashmiri brethren.
We once again draw the attention of the UN Secretary- General Ban Ki Moon to take strict and an urgent action against the Indian atrocities and extra-judicial killing of innocent people at Jammu and Kashmir under the United Nations resolution and adhering on the principles of human rights ’ protect, respect and on remedy framework policy’.



Shahzada Ibrahim
Special Representative from Pakistan to:
The United Nations - Department of Economic & Social Council New York USA.



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