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    August 13, 2016


AKHSS Kuragh celebrates International Youth day

Chitral Times Report

KURAGH: The Aga Khan Higher Secondary school Kuragh celebrates International Youth Day with great zeal and fervor.
The Youth Day is celebrated every year globally on August 12. It is the day which is devoted to the role and responsibilities, rights and the significance of young generation in the development of their own nations as well as the vast humanity.

This year students of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Kuragh celebratedthe dayin align with the theme of ‘Sustainable Production and Consumption’ with strong vow to contribute to their country’s development. They presented interesting items varying from Speech to Concert and other thought provoking activities in the program reflecting their emotional attachment to their education and healthy environment in their homes and school and the marketplaces etc.

After the first break from routine studies, the students gathered at the atrium with their chairs and seated themselves in their respected seats as well as their teachers. The chief guest of the program, Dr.Shams Ali Baig, (Profession) was requested to take his seat as the chief guest of the program which he cordially accepted. To have a seat of honor next to him was invited Mr.RehmatAli Jaffar, founding chairman CHEPS.The program started at 11am sharp with recitation from the glorious Quran by ZakiaBanu, student of Grade VIII following by a melodious Natsharifby a ShahanaIrfan of the same grade. The next item of the program was national song in which students of Grade IX which the audience greatly enjoyed.
Afterwards, the chief guest of the program Dr.Shams Ali Baig was called upon the stage. In his speech, he stressed on cleanliness in our surrounding with reference to facts and figures and other scientific realities. He further said that the youth especially the students are tomorrow’s leaders due to qualities like being able to disseminate factual information, skillfully conversant and equipped with authentic knowledge and information. He further pledged students to make resolution on the very occasion that unlike the general phenomenon, they will prefer actions over words. Later the chairman CHEPS was invited to address the audience with his valuable thoughts on the subject of youth and environment. He provoked students’ interest in lighter tone however the message of preservation of the valuable resources was of paramount importance.

Finally the Principal of the Institution thanked the honorable guests and appealed to the students to avail the opportunities and time in hand which ones wasted may not be retrieved.



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