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    August 08, 2016



Jamat-e-Islami workers convention held

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The provincial amir of Jamaat-e-Islami, Mushtaq Ahmed Khan has claimed that Pakistan will start march on the road of progress and prosperity the day Jamaat-e-Islami comes to power because it has pious, honest and visionary leadership.

Addressing the workers convention in Pologround Chitral here on Sunday, he said that the rulers of the past 69 years of the country gave nothing to the nation except poverty, unemployment, inflation, insecurity of life and property due to their corrupt practices and pushed the country to the brink of bankruptcy.

“Our political elites ruling the country turn by turn go to the foreign countries for their treatment, education of their children, carrying out business and dumping the ill gotten wealth from this country”, he said.

“There is no system to check the rampant corruption while the accountability institutions are cleansing the corrupt and the looters in lieu of some pennies which is a small fraction of their wealth which they had gathered by corruption”.

“As long as the present coterie is in power in one form or the other, the country will go on facing a myriad of issues and there will not be respite or break to the suffering of the people while the panacea to all the ills is the honest and upright leadership which only and only JI can offer”, he said.

Mr. Khan said that the people of Pakistan are drawing lessons from Turkey where Islamic model of governance under Erdogan raised the nation from depth to heights which can be gauged from the fact that the value of American dollar lost its value from 300 Turkish Lera to only 2.25 within a short span of ten years.

“Sirajul Haq’s JI of Pakistan and Erdagon’s Justice and Development Party are the faces of the same coin as both of them derived their political thoughts from the same sources being the followers of Maulana Maududi”, he said and claimed that JI in Pakistan can accomplish the same what its counterpart did in Turkey.
He also announced to hold a grand meeting of the party in Peshawar in the coming October before which the party has planned to approach each and door of the province inviting both the male and women folk to the gathering.

“This will be turning point in the political history of the province when one million workers of the party will gather in the provincial capital and exhibit its strength”, Mr. Khan said.

The district nazim Maghfirat Shah and district amir of JI Maulana Jamshed Ahmed also spoke on the occasion and said that JI has been turned into a strong political force in Chitral while the district will turn into a stronghold of the party very soon.



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