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     January  20,  2016


AKESP Chitral is rendering treasured services to eradicate the educational retrogression: Dr. Faizi

Chitral Times Report

CHITRAL: A Teachersí Recognition Day was held by Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan (AKES, P) Chitral on the other day at Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Seen Lasht, Chitral. The aim of the programme was to worth and encourage the best performances and services of AKES, P, Chitral teachers who excelled out in the annual appraisal carried out during the academic year 2014-15. The famous thinker, educationist and columnist of Chitral, Professor (R) Dr. Inayat Ullah Faizi was the chief guest of the programme with the participation of other notable educationists and teachers from Chitral.

Addressing to the audience, Dr. Inayatullah Faizi said that the progress of a nation lies on teachers. He referred to the founder of modern China Mr. Mao Tse-tungas he was a teacher, who rendered herculean services to uplift China economically and to provide them with a platform towards scientific advancement. He appreciated the endeavors of AKES, P Chitral saying that she had been rendering valuable services to promote literacy in Chitral. He further said that AKES, P came up with praiseworthy effort to educate girls in a remote area like Chitral which has led towards better literacy in the region. Then he also highlighted the current step of encouraging and recognizing the services of the teachers as a positive step towards the acquisition of quality teaching and learning. He also laid stress on the government of Pakistan to take such steps so that the government education system could also be enhanced. He said that introducing career counseling and guidance sessions in the educational institutes will nurture the young generations towards their holistic grooming.

Mr. Muhammmad Afzal, the president Namdar Shia Imami Ismaili Council Lower Chitral, expressed his view on the occasion saying that a teacher having heavy responsibility on the shoulders can groom a child who can be a source to development of a nation.

General Manager AKES, P,Chitral Brig. (R) Mr. Khush Muhammad Khan also addressed to the audience and said that todayís programme was held to honor the valuable services of the teachers. He told that AKES, P School was initially established in 1905 in Gawadar, Baluchistan while in Chitral AKES, P schools were established in 1980s. Initially the organization faced hindrance of lacking teachers and parentsí motivation to send their children to schools. Yet the endeavors of the organization coped up with the challenges by the consistent commitment and hard work of teachers. Due to these ceaseless efforts AKES, P Chitral has accessed to quality education from primary to higher secondary level in remote area like Chitral. He also shared with the audiences that AKES, P has launched a progamme this year onward to honor those teachers who perform best on the basis of their annual appraisal. He assured the teachers on the occasion that the organization will leave no stone unturned in her facilitation. So the teachers should put their best possible efforts to equip the young generationí minds with lofty ideas and best conceptual clarity. He further said that AKES, P is working to come up with more innovation to ensure the best quality of teaching and learning in the system like induction of qualified School Heads in the schools, stepwise up-gradation of the schools, establishment of ECD centers, teachers professional development system and provision of physical infrastructure to the schools which will further enrich the qualitative teaching and learning.

Mr. Farman Dullah representing the teachers extended his high gratitude to AKES, P for launching a grand occasion as Teacherís Recognition Day which will verily boost up the morale of the teachers.

At the end of the programme AKES, P Special diaries were distributed and garlands were made worn to the teachers with 25 years services. 22teachers were awarded bonus prizes of cheques. Out of which 12 teachers received a cheque of Rs.35, 000, 9 teachers,Rs.50, 000 and 1 teacher Rs.75, 000 respectively based on their annual performance 2014-15. Such wonderful programme will also be organized for the teachers of Upper Chitral sometime in February 2016.



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