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    July 16, 2016



Public Health Sector: Taken for granted

“At midnight a young patient was admitted to surgical ward through Emergency who met with an accident earlier in the day. The patient was very stable and only had multiple abrasions. When he was brought to the ward he was accompanied by ten people who did not leave the ward despite being counseled repeatedly by the nursing staff. On top of it people kept coming to see the patient. The nursing staff kept begging but none bothered to listen. Eventually, the nursing staff took a leave when the attendants seemed violent and intimidating, obviously no one would like to get beaten up.”

A large part of our population benefits from the public health sector. According to reports it is estimated to be 70% of the population. Today when we closely look at the sector we witness its desolate state. The culprits for the existing state of the health sector are no doubt the provincial government, Ministry of health and people who hold large offices at the government hospitals i.e. the so called administrators.

The hospital reforms of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf are nonexistent or exist only in media and papers. We do not see any change here at the District Headquarter hospital Chitral. Where does the budget allocated to the hospital go? The administrators might have a better knowledge. The Health ministry I believe knows better the fact that most of the employees are nothing more than just a liability. Looking at the management even top managers would get confused whether we have vertical line of management or horizontal. It seems to be more or less a laissez-faire management.

But here I would like to point out another big stakeholder who has to be blamed also. It is us, the patients and their families. We find it very easy to complain about the various lacking in the hospitals. But we do not understand or want to understand that improved hospitals and quality of care requires our cooperation. We do not want to hear that hospital rules are made and implemented for the good of our patients and must be followed .We insist on not cooperating with the hospital staff and primary health care providers. There even have been incidents of violence from the attendants where people have been beaten up for no reasons. People coming in the hospitals bring in a lot of dirt, dust and germs. The single act of throwing “Naswar” here and there makes the wards and rooms look awful and pose serious health issues to the patients themselves. The trash bins are ignored like a blank caller. One patient and several attendants causing mess, visiting in non visiting hours is routine. So we must blame ourselves too.

Thousand problems, but one solution would be “sense of responsibility and accountability.” Sense of responsibility should be felt by us individually and accountability must be ensured by the system. The system lacks a structure. Structure it up and hire young professionals on the basis of merit and then listen to the ideas they bring in.

Syed Abdul Nasir
Charun, Chitral



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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