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    July 16, 2016



Appreciate to Aga khan School Kuragh

Dear editor

Through your esteemed online newspaper I would like to offer my deepest congratulate to Hira Naz Gulajab of Lotkhow, student of Aga School Girls Secondary School Kuragh for her excellent top result through out PAKISTAN in AKU-EB. Hira Naz we are proud on you. In Spite many difficulties in Chitral, your hard work paid off. Not only, but you have made Chitral proud also. On this happy occasion we also offer our utmost congratulations to the other brilliant students of Chitral and their parents for their excellent results . In addition,

I congratulate the outstanding administrator, Mohtarma Sultana Burhanuddin (Principle of Aga khan Girls Secondary School Kuragh) for her amazing work in bringing forth this school to the top level.

When I look at the performances and outdoor activities of this school, it reminds me of the first ever Islamic University in the map of the world,The Al Azhar in Egypt and Aligarh Muslim University ,India.Inshallah this school will be the second Al Azhar in Chitral in coming days and will be an educational, spiritual and ethical bridge among the communities in Chitral.

In the end, also, congratulations to Brigadier (rtd) Mr Khosh Mohammad Khan, the MD of Aga Schools Chitral for achieving first grade performing school in Pakistan (Aga Khan Girls School Kuragh) under his remarkable and tirelessly leadership.

Gul Jee
Richmond Hill Canada



The brilliant performance of the Aga Khan Higher Secondary Schools Kuragh and Sinlasht is the result of years of hard work of all concerned with management and pedagogy. It is also the result of selection of students on merit. Keep it up. The nation and the whole of Chitral is proud. Congratulations to Salima kai, all the faculty members, the performer students and their fortunate parents.

Shah Karez


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