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    July 13, 2016



Glacial lake outburst flood in Chitral is predicted by PDMA

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: Deputy commissioner Chitral has issued advisory notes to the residents of Golen and Gohkir villages in view of the impending danger of glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF) during the coming couple of days and have revamped the safe havens in both the villages with necessary items.

Based on the alert notice sent by the provincial disaster management authority (PDMA), the Chitral DC has also directed the management of WAPDA to shift the heavy machinery at the intake point of the power channel of Golen Gol Hydropower project which is feared to be hit by the high flood.

Advisory note has also been conveyed to Sarhad Rural Support Program (SRSP) management in Chitral to shift its machinery to higher altitude from the site of its under-construction 2-mega watt hydro power project which is at the final stage of completion.

Chitral DC Osma Ahmed Warraich told Chitral Times that the managements of both the hydropower projects have started making adequate managements for the safety of the machinery in case the flood hits the valley as a result of the anticipated glacial lake outburst.

He said that the intake point of the Golen Gol hydropower project may not be affected badly due to its specific design and its location while the power channel and the site of power station is absolutely safe from the range of flood.

He said that the safe havens established in the both the villages by a foreign funded project have been provided with both food and non-food items to meet the basic necessities of the displaced persons in case of outburst of glaciers takes place resulting in flood.

Mr. Warraich said that all the government-owned buildings in the valleys including schools and dispensaries situated at higher altitudes have also been declared as safe havens where the displaced persons can take shelter.

Meanwhile, the district program manager of SRSP, Tariq Ahmed told Chitral Times that work on the power project was not stopped to ensure its complete during the stipulated time while the project was launched to electrify the Chitral town which faced acute shortage of power.

Mr. Ahmed said that as per advisory note issued by the district administration, the safety measures have been envisaged in case of flood but at the same time, the work will not face deceleration.

Last year, the valley of Gohkir flanking the Bindu Gol stream had been devastated by GLOF in which more than one hundred families were rendered homeless.


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