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    July 03, 2016



31 people perished in flash flood disaster in Ursoon village

By our Correspondent

Chitral :
Army troops are busy in relief and rescue operation in Chitral. Last night in village ursoon, Nullah flooded in area 6-7 KM north west of Domil Nisar. 5 houses of village Ursoon completely washed away. Army troops are busy since last night in rescue and relief operation. Troops provided Food, tents and medical aid to affected people in ursoon village. Lama heliopter of Army made 5 trips from Chitral to Ursoon and evacuated injured. 2 injured with critical head injury was
2. Search operation for missing persons in progress.

As  many as thirty one persons died and many sustained injuries and many feared to have gone missing after a flash flood hit the village of Ursoon situated in the south of Chitral on Pak-Afghan border in the late hours of Saturday.

A villager Usman Khan told Chitral Times that the torrent so all of sudden that the villagers found no time to flee to the safer places while the flood swept away thirty seven houses and damaged partially 48 houses out of one hundred households of the village while a number of the piquets of Pak Army were also swept away.

He said that those died included eight personnels of Pak Army in the piquets and the ten persons who were offering prayers in a mosque while four families were completely annihilated by the flood waves.

Recalling the gory moments of the flash flood, he said that he heard hue and cry in the village when the flood passed through and every one was wandering madly searching for his near and dear ones while the villagers found their village completely changed into desert the next morning.

An official of Chitral police told Chitral Times that the jawans of Pak Army dying on the spot included havaldar Azizullah, havaldar Sajjad Haider, Naik Altaf, Naik Younus Khan and sepoys Abdul Wahid, Saleem Taj, Abdullah and Basit Ali.

Those of the locals who died included Muhammad Tahir, his son and daughter, Badiur Rahman , his mother and son, Amina wife of Usman, Subhanud Din and Imran sons of Usman and Madani daughter of Usman, Abdur Razaq son of Haji Muhammad and his son Abdul Latif, Zakirullah son of Azizullah.

Similarly, three sons of Gul Zarin namely Haleemullah, Muheebullah and Naeeumullah, Abdus Salam son of unknown person, Ziaul Haq son of Gul Muhammad, Noor Muhammad son Noor Islam and Shafiq son of Saeed Muhammad.

The dead bodies of seventeen persons were reportedly retrieved near Arandu area bordering the Kunar province of Afghanistan while two were retrieved from the debris in the village while Chitral DC Osama Ahmed Warraich put the number at six only.

Hectic efforts were being made by the volunteers to retrieve the dead bodies from the debris and the river which is hampered by the high flood in the river while the local people could bury only three dead bodies on Sunday.

Rescue and search operation started on Sunday morning by the personnel of Chitral Scouts and the volunteers of Al-Khidmat Foundation, another villager Noor Rahman said adding that almost hundred percent families of the isolated village on Afghan border have been rendered homeless.
He said that there was acute shortage of both food and non-food items as the houses have been inundated by flood debris and there was need of establishing tent village to accommodate those rendered homeless.

Helicopter of Pak Army removed the injured persons to the Scouts hospital Chitral in critical condition while many other persons with normal injuries were admitted to Civil hospital Drosh.
Deputy commissioner Chitral Osama Ahmed Warraich said that baked food and ration will be provided to the affected people for a week by the district administration while chairman of National Disaster Management Authority will visit the village on Monday.

He said that the facility of drinking water will be restored to the village for which 5000 metre high density rubber pipe was being dispatched to the village.

District nazim Chitral Maghfirat Shah also rushed to the spot to oversee the relief operations being carried out to mitigate the suffering of the affected while the commandant of Chitral scouts colonel Nizamud Din Shah also visited the area.

The flood emanating from Ursoon village blocked the Chitral river at Naghar village near Drosh as a result of which a number of houses and the garden of Nagar fort have been submerged in water and the volume of pooled water is increasing with each moment taking a horrendous situation.

The village had been hit by flood last week which swept away five numbers of vehicles and had created the scarcity of drinking and irrigation water by hitting the irrigation channels and water supply schemes.

Meanwhile, the district amir of Jamaat-e-Islami Chitral Maulana Jamshed Ahemd has demanded of the government to rush to the rescue of the people of Ursoon devastated by flood.

Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, he said that the people of Ursoon were in pitiable and miserable condition as they has lost their every thing to the flood.

He said that keeping in view the low efficiency of the government while responding to the disaster of last year, they were totally disappointed as the government ignored the miseries of the flood affected people.


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