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    July 02, 2016



Awareness seminar on corruption in Chitral.

Dear Editor,

A seminar organized by NAB to raise awareness against corruption in society was held  a few days back in Chitral . The event was attended by DC Chitral, Dist Nazim, and local political leaders. Organizing such awareness programs for the common men is surly commendable. The speakers at the seminars including DC chitral, Dist Nazim, & local political leaders expressed their valued comments. Specially, the point of view of DC Chitral that by adopting Islamic values in our lives we can eliminate corruption from the society was most impressive and easy way forward. The NAB local chief defended the effectiveness of ‘Plea bargain’ system under which an accused can get cases against him dropped after paying back part of the ill- gotten money to NAB voluntarily.

But, in my opinion, ‘ plea bargain ‘ between NAB & Accused, like, a corrupt person will return money to NAB voluntarily and get case against him dropped is not an effective method to discourage corruption from society in long terms. Rather the plea bargain system gives better opportunity for corrupt peoples to make as much as black money return as much as they can through plea bargain which endanger the correct legal out come.

So, as a citizen of Pakistan, I request the concern authorities to improve or revisit the (Plea bargain ) NAB law, in order not to give any sort of concession to a corrupt peoples. Through plea bargain, recovering some ill gotten money from corrupt peoples and letting them free is not a good idea.


Abdul Murad
Saudi Arabia.



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