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    July 02, 2016



Fake and Indian medicine freely sold in Chitral

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: Spurious and Indian drugs are on sale in Chitral due to the absence of drug inspector in the district for the last two years while taking advantage of the situation, illegal medical practitioners are feeling free to carry on.

A businessman connected with pharmaceutical business told Chitral Times requesting anonymity that the fake and Indian drugs have inundated the local market adversely affecting the business of genuine and legal drugs and the pity is that the real drugs are also being looked at askance.

He said that all this happened as the drug inspector posted in Chitral in March 2014 remained absent from the duty willfully and no notice of his absence was taken till August last when the incumbent deputy commissioner surrendered his services to the province but the competent authority kept him posted here till April 2016.

Although the truant drug inspector has been relieved from Chitral in April this year but no substitution has so far been made as a result of which the post of vital importance is still going vacant, he said.

He said that recently the district health officer has moved a proposal to the government for giving dual charge of drug inspector of Chitral district to the one in Upper Dir district but it is totally impracticable idea keeping in view the enormous area of Chitral and the sensitive nature of duty of the incumbent.

When contacted the district health office (DHO), Dr. Israrullah for his version, he confirmed that such a proposal has been sent to the high ups of health department and said that such arrangements had been made in the past as well when the drug inspectors of the neighboring districts of Dir or Swat were assigned dual charge of Chitral.

He also confirmed that the former drug inspector kept himself willfully absent from the duty from his very date of posting in March 2014 and all his efforts to bring him to duty ended in failure and it was the incumbent DC Chitral who surrendered his services to the province in August last year.

He said that in the absence of drug inspector, no body in the department or district administration has the authority to check the spurious drugs or illegal medial stores and medical practice and the standard maintained in diagnostic laboratories as the powers to do so have been invested only in drug inspector as given in the Drugs Act 1976.

The DHO said that the medial store owners challenged his authority when he tried to perform some of the urgent duties of drug inspector to search the fake drugs when he raided the medical stores along with the magistrates and they had to discontinue it.

“There must be free for all situation in the drug and healthcare market in the absence of relevant authority (drug inspector) and as a DHO he was quite helpless”, he said adding that even the checking of unhygienic food stuff in the market falls in the domain of drug inspector.

He was also of the opinion that a drug inspector of another district cannot cover Chitral spreading over an area of about 15000 square kilometers making the posting of one unavoidable.



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