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    July 01, 2016



PTI Chairmna Imran Khan visits Chitral

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: In utter violation of stand taken by the KP government about the stay of Afghan refugees in the province, the PTI chief Imran Khan has said that Afghan refugees were his brethren-in-faith who cannot be booted out of the country in their hours of distress and that his party will support their stay in the country.

Talking to media in Chitral here on Thursday, he said that it was not proper time to oust the refugees from the country but those involved in crimes and terrorist related activities will not be spared at any cost and will be dealt with iron hand.

Mr. Khan also expressed his dissatisfaction over the efficiency of his government about the rehabilitation of the physical infrastructures washed away by the flood last year and said that after visiting a number of flood-hit areas of the district, he noted no any noticeable work for restoring the affected facilities.

“I shall direct the chief minister to come up with a special rehabilitation package for the flood-devastated Chitral while donor conference will be convened very shortly in Islamabad to collect donations from the national and international donor agencies as the volume of loss was of colossal magnitude”, he said.

Infrastructures in every sector of development will be put in place by the end of the year as extensive attention will be paid to the rehabilitation process because the people of Chitral have been suffering worst since the last year while tourism cannot be flourished till the communication facilities are not restored, he added.

Responding to a question about the extended stay of Nawaz Sharif in London, he said that Nawaz was dreading to face accountability in the country but a day he has to come back and face the opposition which is on the same page against the government.

The united opposition will launch a decisive movement to oust the Nawaz government soon after the coming Eidul Fitr and the days of Nawaz Sharif have been counted.
Earlier, he gave away royalty cheques of trophy hunting of kashmir markhor to the community leaders of different village conservation committees (VCCs) on behalf of wild life department.

He eulogized the efforts of the provincial government for the conservation of environment in the province and said that not only the ruthless cutting of forest trees has been discouraged but one billion trees are being added each year under Tsunami Planation project.

He said that Chitral is blessed with rich variety of animals and plan species which must be conserved with the active participation of concerned communities so as to ensure sustainable management of wildlife in the province.

Mr. Khan said that the rich biodiversity of an area help the boosting of tourism as a tourist takes keen interest in seeing a markhor in its natural habitat and it was quite possible from a range of only few yards in Chitral at Garam Chashma road.

He asked the local community activists to judiciously utilize the funds for the collective development of the community so that its each and every member takes a keen interest in the conservation process which was our ultimate objective.

Earlier on Wednesday, the PTI chief arrived here on his two-day visit and had an aerial view of the Baroghil area while he visited the Pawer village of Yarkhoon and inspected the work on a 800 kw hydro power station project launched by Aga Khan Rural Support Program and river bed tree plantation along the Yarkhoon river.

On the day, while attending a briefing in deputy commissioner’s office here on about the devastations of floods last year, he said that a donors conference will be held in Islamabad shortly and he was hopeful about its output to finance the rehabilitation work of the basic infrastructures in Chitral affected by flood.

He expressed the incapacity of his government in the province to rehabilitate the infrastructures devastated by flood last year and said that he will collect the required amount of 10 billion rupees from the donors across the world.

Mr. Khan criticized the federal government for curtailing the allocations for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa from 140 billion rupees to 113 billion rupees which led to incapacitate it to carry out the development projects.

He said that despite the pressing situation due to the financial crunch, the PTI-led provincial government has done its level best to bring peace and prosperity in the province which is tangible in every sphere of life where corruption has been exterminated and transparency is being given top most priority.

He agreed to promote tourism in the area keeping in view its fabulous potential while primitive Kalash culture was known throughout the world which served as major source of attraction for tourists.

Earlier he was told by deputy commissioner Chitral Osama Ahmed Warraich that the flash flood had caused devastations of roads, bridges, irrigation channels, drinking water supply schemes and hydro power houses which needed as large sum of money as 16 billion rupees.

He was also apprised about the core issues of the flood affected people and a number of measures were proposed for the government to improve the living conditions of the flood battered people which included promoting tourism, promotion of community livelihood system and taking concrete steps in disaster risk reduction.

District nazim Maghfirat Shah put forward his proposal for launching integrated development project not only to rehabilitate the destroyed infrastructures but also to ensure sustainable development in all sectors.

He presented the proposed development plan compiled by the district government to the PTI chief on this occasion which contained suggestion and paradigm for the proposed integrated project.



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