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    July 01, 2016



Husn-e-Qirat Competition held in AKHSS Seenlasht Chitral

Chitral Times Report

CHITRAL: Aga Khan Higher Secondary School (AKHSS) Seenlasht Chitral organized Husn-e-Qirat Competition.  The august competition was attended by students of various schools in and around Chitral town. Many faculty members of Islamiat of various schools and Madrasas along with many other guests participated in the event. The noble gathering was presided over by an educationist and literary figure of Chitral Mr. MoulaNigahNigah and guest of honor was DEO Chitral Mr. Hanifullah. Two guest speakers of the occasion were Moulana Habibullah Khateeb Jami Masjid Raihankoot and Mr. Ali AkberQazi, Academic lead Shia Imami Ismaili Tariqa Board Chitral. The two scholars shared their knowledge with the audience under the themes “Islamic moral values and contemporary students” and “Intellectual tradition in Islam and the role of Youth”, respectively.

The Husn-e-Qirat (Recitation) competition was conducted among SSC and HSSC level students of participating school. Besides AKHSS Chitral, the participating institutions included Qutaiba Public School and College Chitral, Government High School Balach, FCPS Chitral, Centennial Model School Chitral, Chitral Model College and Chitral Public School and college, Chitral.

QariSamiulHaq and QariSher Khan served as judges of the completion. According to their Judgment, LutfurRehman of Centennial Model School Chitral, Muhammad Suaid of Chitral Model College and Amir Muavia of Qutaiba Public school secured first, second and third respectively in SSC level. Whereas, HSSC level position holders were Inamullah from DarulUlum Shahi Masjid Chitral,Junaidullah from FCPS Chitral and Maqdad Fida from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Seenlash Chitral secured first, second and third positions respectively.

The formal proceedings of the august gathering began with the recitation of verses from the holy Quran byNajeeb Ahmad, a Grde-9 student of AKHSS, followed by Hamd and Naatpresented by students of the same school Abid Ur Rehman and Syed Wajid Ali Shah.

The Principal AKHSS Chitral presented the objectives of the Husn-e_Qirat competition in light of National Curriculum objectives for Islamiat. He said that Aga Khan Higher secondary school was an affiliate school of Aga Khan University Examination Board which implemented the national curriculum of Pakistan. Hence, Aga Khan Higher secondary School Chitral from day one was striving to achieve these national objectives for Islamiat. He said that to achieve these objectives the school apart from classroom teaching organized several programmes similar to Husn e Qirat competition. He said that the programme was not only an expression of students of AKHSS’s love for Quran and Quranic teachings but also of their understanding of it. He said that the school aimed to inculcate the teachings of Quran in its students to become leaders in their fields of choice—science or humanities, religion or commerce—and become ones who, according to teachings of Quran, were critical thinkers, researchers, and contributors to the knowledge of humanity.

After presentation of objectives by the principal, the competition started. Meanwhile, the two guest speakers also delivered their speeches. The first speaker, MoulanaHabibullah urged the students to be creative and develop their intelligence. While supporting his arguments, the moulana shared about the intellectual contribution of early Muslim scholars and theologians like Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malik and many others. The second speaker, Mr. Ali AkberQazi focused on the intellectual traditions of Muslims and its contribution towards development of a knowledge-based society. Focusing on the pluralistic worldview of Islam, Mr. Qazi referred to the founders of various schools of thoughts in islam like ImamJ affar Al Sadiq, Imam Abu Hanifa etc and urged the students to respect diversity in interpretation of Islam and work for the upliftment of the Umma through academic contributions.

Chief Guest of the Occasion, DEO Chitral Mr. Hanifullah shared his views and appreciated the endeavors of AKHSS for arranging such a wonderful program in an appropriate time. President of the ceremony, Mr. MoulaNigahNigah in his presidential address asked the students to develop sensitivity towards the environment where they live. He asked the students to observe and pay attention to each and every form of existence around them, which will help in their intellectual grooming and in boosting their observation power. Both the Chief Guest and President of the programmeurged students to practice Quranic teachings in their daily lives. They also applauded AKHSS Chitral for arranging such a magnificent spiritual program.

Mr. Ali Nigah Jan, Lecturer of AKHSS Chitral presented vote of thanks on behalf of the school. The principal of the school presented Shields to the participating guests. In the end, certificates and trophies were distributed among the position holder students and certificates were also given to all students who participated in the competition.

The Husn-e-Qirat competition ended reflecting the commitment of AKHSS in providing all round education to its students. The program, which was organized during the holy month of Ramadan, was termed by its participants as important to infuse in the students’ spiritual dimension of their existence.



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