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    June 21, 2016




While reading a newspaper today about cancer I thought back of my father who passed away three months back due to cancer. He was a man who lived for Sixty years and remained in govt service for 45 years in different positions. A man who was always ready to take challenges, living a spotless life full of energy at last expired in the hand of this disease. Operated at AKU, staying there for twenty days, being paralyzed.

I saw his aches, his sustained pain, throughout his illness. Treated through radiation, chemo therapy and the result of all these. I saw my father fighting with life every day with a new hope. I saw him living between life and death. Till after seven months he passed away. We his children, prayed, wept and expend everything for him, tried to give him best treatment. Nothing worked. Perhaps he was a man dear to us was more dear to Almighty Allah. Now I think my father in heaven may be thinking and looking at us that we miss him in every moment of our lives. We miss him in our happiness, in our sorrows. It was my routine every day to go to him and say salam baba, now he is no more and I always go there and find only his remaining bed. O! Dear baba when I am writing this, I am weeping a person who taught me how to write a, b, c is now no more around me. Now it is the time to write in his absence and with wet eyes. Sometimes I get jealous looking at my age fellows talking with their fathers and discussing with them. I prayed that may Allah give my father four or five year’s life-extension. All these treatments are not the cure of cancer but a bit of extension of one’s life period. Perhaps it is right that there is no treatment of this deadly disease.

My father Sher Bahadur Khan is now no more he has joined the majority but his thought and his feelings are always with me. Dear father, you are resting there. I am weeping and missing you with the hope that when I meet you I will tell you everything that how did I spend my life and made you proud Insha’Allah. May Allah bless you in heaven and help us to do good.

Ruby Jan,
University of Peshawar


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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