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    June 20, 2016




“You are the best nation even raised up from mankind; you enjoin the good and forbid evil and you believe in Allah” Alquran 3: 110

No doubt we belonged to the greatest nation of the world as we are blessed with the Deen, Islam. Many thanks to Almighty Allah that we are born in Muslim families, but this is my conviction that we are remained Muslim just by heritage not by our deeds, as we have lost all the attributes of a good Muslim. We are still in a position that cannot be attributed to a true Muslim society. Cheating fellow beings in day today matters has now become part of our blood. Being the follower of a universal religion and the complete code of life “Islam” we must have set an example of an ideal society for the world. But Alas! In the last 1500 years we are degenerated not only economically but also morally and socially. Since last three years in the capacity of Executive Magistrate in Sub Division Chitral I have witnessed so many injustices, dishonesty, Frauds and cheatings in our surrounding. We have become more opportunists waiting for a moment to let others down and to earn more by hook or crook. Let’s take an example of hoarding things. People hoard things with this in back of their minds that some day they will earn more by selling them for black money and if I am not wrong illegically earned money is haram in Islam. We in all capacities i.e. officer to peon, National Politician to a village counselor, banker to a farmer, teacher to a student, Doctor to a druggist, Executor to a contractor, tailor to carpenter, businessmen to a small shop keeper, Bucher to sweet seller and even open vendor to ice seller all are morally and mentally corrupt without any doubt. Surprisingly and shockingly every one of the above pretend to be a good Muslim but we are the real imposters. Materialism is reigning over our society and the concept of contentedness is a bygone concept. The irony is that these malpractices increase many folds in the Holy month of Ramadan. The German Chancellor personally visits Halal hotel and exempts taxes to facilitate Muslims during Aftari and here even after the issuance of Ramadan package from the Prime Minister the business class does not comply.

The main reasons of this sorry state of affairs may due to the following facts:

1. We have restricted and restrained Islam only to our religious practices and we have forgotten or simply ignore the fact that Islam also encompasses our day to day activities.

2. Most of us are status conscious for no reasons. We tend to look up to our brothers who are well off and we try to compete going out of our capacity which pushes us to use illegal means to earn more.

3. We may have diverted from the real cause of Deen Islam or we may have no more wish to strive for religion with sincere spirit and clean heart.

4. One of the reasons might be the belief that it’s enough to be a Muslim by heritage to live a blessed life here and hereafter.

There may thousand other reasons but let me conclude with a famous quotation; “you cannot wake up someone pretending to be asleep”. I belief a good stat would be to individually weigh ourselves on the set scales of Islam and analyze where do we stand.

Syed Mazhar Ali Shah
Charun, Chitral.



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