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    June 12, 2016



Tourism and Chitral

Tourism has become a popular global leisure activity and in places like Chitral the word tourism gets more adventurous and even more meaningful. Chitral is a land of diverse cultures, festivals and traditions that have their roots back to time immemorial. The festival called Jashn-E-Qaqlasht dates back to very early age. However some local historians believe that the festival is almos tover hundred years old. Similarly Shandoor polo festival and Chulum joshi festival are few among most popular festivals celebrated every year with great cultural zeal and fervor.

Chitral is usually named as “The land of peace” and is counted among most peaceful districts of Khyber pokhtunkhwa. Literacy rate of the district is almost 98% and no single terrorism activity like suicide bombing etc has been recorded yet.This provides a great edge towards attraction of huge influx of tourists to visit this place.

Chitral is home to large variety of natural birds including rare falcon, dove, ducks and shaheen etc and animals including the famous “Markhor”, “wolves” and “snow leopard” in the snow covered mountains.

The famous Kalash tribe resides in an enclave of three remote valleys in the west of Ayun valley, which is ten miles (16 km) down from Chitral town. This part of Chitral attracts huge number of tourists each year due to the unique culture and traditions of kalash people.
The Chitral culture is Islamic and contrasts considerably with the urban cities of Pakistan except that they havecertain cultural affinity with the people of adjacent districts of GilgitBaltistan.

The beautiful district of Chitral remains cut off by snow from the rest of the country for almost six months a year. Fortunately this problem is soon to be relieved by the completion of lawari tunnel which will reduce transit time to Chitral as well as allow district to be connected to the rest of the country even during cold winter months.

Bahader Azam



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