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    June 11, 2016



Easy with " security" please

Yesterday three visitors to Chitral from Tajikistan were intercepted by the Chitral police and sent back to Islamabad one day after their arrival. The three had come from a well known hydro electric company called Pamir Energy in Tajikistan with a valid NOC from the govt of Pakistan to suggest improvements in the construction of small hydro electric projects.
There are many such projects which different NGO's have built with the help of local communities to supply affordable electricity to villages in Chitral.

With valid Pakistani visa's and a valid NOC these three had flown from Dushanbe to Lahore from where they travelled to Islamabad where they stayed for four days before taking a flight to Gilgit and then traveling for twelve hours by road to get to Chitral. If there was any reason to intercept them and cut their visit short this could have easily been done on their arrival in Lahore or their stay in Islamabad or Gilgit. At least it would have caused them less discomfort and not given Pakistan such a bad name.

Besides the fact that we feel upset at the way the police treated these three friendly guests from a neighbouring country its the people of Chitral who eventually suffer the most due to such acts. The NGO's are not so upset. In fact some of them are even happy to use " security issues" for their non-performance. Some of them are even happy that their donors cannot come to monitor how their money is being spent to improve the lot of the Chitrali public.

What has happened to these three Tajiks will be a good case for the authorities of KP to take up. Here in Chitral people everywhere feel that the government is missing. If the government was doing its job here we would not need any NGO's to receive funding in our name. But until that happens please take it easy with this " security" that you have unleashed in the most peaceful part of our whole country. This peace has come about ONLY because of the people of Chitral since the past seventy years of the existence of Pakistan. If peace is now disturbed here it will ONLY be due to the authorities who are claiming to give us " security".

Siraj Ulmulk



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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